16 December 2015 image

The Rise of Bureaucracy in Georgia

The process of forming statehood, civil service and bureaucracy in Georgia turned out to be full of equally complicated and contradictory challenges and mistakes.

15 December 2015 image

The Most Closed and Unaccountable Public Institutions in Georgia in 2015

Within the framework of the implemented study IDFI revealed the most closed public institution, which is the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development. It was the institution that left biggest number of requests (44) unanswered.

15 December 2015 image

What is Inclusive Growth?

The prominence of inclusive growth, reflected in the Social-Economic Development Strategy - Georgia 2020, can be thought of as a mirror-image of the debates among academic and policy makers.

15 December 2015 image

Inter-Factional Group of the Parliament of Georgia and Open Parliament Working Group Discussed Project Outcomes

Meeting of the Inter-Factional Group of the Parliament of Georgia and Open parliament Working Group took place on December 14, at Rooms Hotel Tbilisi. 

14 December 2015 image

Practice of Disclosure of Public Information in 2010-2015

Within the framework of the projects implemented by IDFI in 2010-2015, 30152 Freedom of Information (FOI) requests were sent to public institutions, and only 24 438 replies were received.

7 December 2015 image

Efficiency of Logistics System and Georgia

According to the survey conducted by the World Bank (WB) in 2014, the level of efficiency of the Georgian Logistics System is rather low: Georgia is not even among 100 countries on the list and lags behind not only developed countries, but also post-soviet states such as - Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia, Moldova, Belarus, Tajikistan.

4 December 2015 image

Public Discussion was Conducted on Parliamentary Openness at Ilia State University

Davit Maisuradze introduced attendees with the mission and history of the Open Government Partnership (OGP). The OGP is a multilateral initiative and intends to provide a platform for domestic reformers to make their governments more responsive, accountable and transparent to their citizens.


2 December 2015 image

Securities Market in Georgia - Problems, Challenges and Perspectives

Securities market is a complex and multidimensional mechanism. Even the lack of a single piece of the mechanism is enough to provoke its failure. Therefore, there are numerous objective and subjective factors that influence normal functioning of the securities market.

1 December 2015 image

Public Discussion on Open Parliament Will be Held at the Ilia State University

On December 3rd at 2:00 PM, the members of the Inter-Factional Group of the Parliament of Georgia: Tamar Kordzaia and Khatuna Gogorishvili along with the representatives of the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI): Director - Giorgi Kldiashvili and Project Coordinator - Davit Maisuradze will hold a public discussion on the topics of Open Parliament.

30 November 2015 image

Participants of the training course Open Parliament - Voice of Youth Meet with Tamar Kordzaia

On November 30th, participants of the training course - "Open Parliament - Voice of Youth" visited the Parliament of Georgia in Tbilisi. Visit was organized within the framework of the project "Supporting Involvement of the Parliament of Georgia in the Open Government Partnership".