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22 February 2021 image

Artificial Intelligence: Meaning, International Standards, Ethical Norms, Recommendations and Conclusions

Information and communications technology (ICT) is a rapidly growing and developing area of the fourth industrial revolution – digital transformation era. It plays a special role in the formation of the global agenda, global economic developments, societal development, public administration and governenance. 

19 February 2021 image

Artificial Intelligence: International Tendencies and Georgia - Legislation and Practice

Technological advances have substantially increased the availability of technical or software means required for the creation of services rooted in artificial intelligence. 

29 January 2021 image

The Concealed Beneficiaries behind Fictional Characters

Beneficial ownership has become one of the most hotly debated topics globally. Governments, as well as international and civil society actors, are trying hard to implement new regulations tackling problems associated with beneficial ownership.

23 September 2020 image

Cybersecurity Reform in Georgia: Existing Challenges, International Practice and Recommendations

The growing importance of cybersecurity in the modern world security architecture makes it necessary to pay more attention to strengthening cybersecurity in Georgia. Georgia is a country that has repeatedly become the subject of cyberespionage and full-scale cyber-attacks. According to statistical data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the number of cybercrimes is increasing daily.

15 May 2020 image

IDFI's Policy Paper on Challenges Facing the Prosecution Service in Criminal Proceedings of Crimes Committed with Discriminatory Motive

Hate crime as well as domestic offence or domestic violence and violence against women is a universal reality for every society and is a complex problem widespread in the world with devastating results not only for victims but for the society as a whole due to its specific character and social threat. 

7 April 2020 image

IDFI’s Opinions on Legislative Amendments Necessary to Ensure Access to Court Decisions

The Constitutional Court of Georgia, by its decision of June 7, 2019, ruled that the provisions of the Law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection, specifically Article 5 and paragraphs 1 and 3 of Article 6 were unconstitutional as they prohibited access to the full text of court decisions delivered within the scope of public hearings by Common Courts of Georgia.

3 April 2020 image

IDFI Submitted Opinion regarding the New Strategy for the Protection of Human Rights

In March 2020, the Government of Georgia initiated the process of developing a new Strategy for the Protection of Human rights.  Within the scope of this initiative, “Institute for Development of Freedom of Information” submitted to the government opinions and recommendations regarding main directions and objectives that should be part of the strategy.

2 October 2019 image

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative In Georgia

Georgia has a wide diversity of mineral deposits.  Even though large deposits of mineral resources are not commonly found in Georgia, oil, coal, manganese, nonferrous and rare metals, chemical raw materials, and inert materials are of commercial significance.

3 September 2019 image

IDFI Submitted its Opinion to the Parliament Regarding the Draft Law on “Personal Data Protection”

IDFI submitted its opinion to the Parliament regarding the draft law on “Personal Data Protection” initiated on 22 May 2019. The opinion of IDFI covers the following important issues: grounds for processing personal data; grounds for processing special categories of personal data; termination of processing of personal data, erasure and destruction of data;  restriction of processing of data.

22 August 2019 image

Development of the New Anti-corruption Strategy and Action Plan 2019-2020 has been Faulty

On 16 July, 2019, Interagency Anticorruption Council of Georgia on its 17th meeting discussed the draft Anticorruption Strategy and Action Plan for 2019-2020. In the second half of August, 2019, the strategic anticorruption documents have not yet been adopted by the Government. 

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