Civil Audit Hotline

Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) has launched a Civil Audit Hotline: - which aims to facilitate public scrutiny of government activities.


What areas does the hotline cover?

Through the hotline, any person (including activist, journalist, business representative, etc.) can contact us and write about the following problems:

 - Possible wrongdoings in the public sector (including state-owned enterprises and budget-funded organizations);


 - Incorrect and illegal disposal of public finances;


 - Cases of possible corruption;


 - Abuse of power by public officials and activities incompatible with their position; 


 - Violations in the public procurement system;


 - Cases of restriction of access to public information;


 - Nepotism and conflict of interest in the public sector;


 - Actions against public interests.


How to contact us?

1. Write to us at: 

2. For anonymous messages, use the online contact form below

Your Privacy & Personal Data will be Protected!


How we can help you?

Based on received notifications, IDFI:

1. Will verify and examine the case;

1. Request information from relevant public institution;

2. Analyze the public information received;

3. If a violation is confirmed, IDFI will also address various public institutions: State Audit Office, General Prosecutor's Office, Competition Agency, State Procurement Agency and the Court (in case of a refusal of a public institution to disclose requested public information).


** IDFI notes that the hotline is not designed to express complaints about personal issues, service quality assessments and / or other technical shortcomings.



IDFI Thanks You for Cooperation!






The hotline was created with the support of the global charity organization, Luminate.