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In 2018, IDFI was certified as equivalent to a U.S. public charity by NGOsource. The unique NGOsource ED repository allows US-based grantmakers to access IDFI’s existing legal analysis and ED certificate.

Project Donor Period Budget
Empowering Watchdog Community for Government Accountability International Visegrad Fund 2019-2020 €33,670

The project aims to empower Georgian public to effectively monitor and control the government, and enhance availability of public data.

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Supporting the Reform of the Supreme Court of Georgia East West Management Institute (EWMI)/Promoting Rule of Law in Georgia (PROLoG) 2018-2019 $25,852

The main aim of the project is to support institutional reform of the Supreme Court of Georgia and to advocate legislative changes/amendments.

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Developing the Transparency and Integrity Building Strategy and Action Plan for the Akhaltsikhe Municipality USAID Good Governance Initiative in Georgia / Tetra Tech ARD 2018-2019 $13,074

The project aims to support the City Hall of Akhaltsikhe in developing the transparency, accountability and integrity strategy and action plan, as well as increase capacity of municipal civil servants in the area of fighting against corruption.

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Local Self-Government Index - 2019 Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF) 2018-2019 $60,203

The goal of the project is to enhance public participation and ease risks of corruption in municipalities by improving practices of transparency and accountability in local government bodies.

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Assessing Public Procurement Legislations and Practice in 8 Countries Hivos 2018 €24,450

The project aims to assess Public Procurement Legislations and their implementation in Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Indonesia, Philippines, Guatemala, Bolivia and Costa Rica with the use of the Transparent Public Procurement Rating Methodology to map the readiness of the target countries to adopt contemporary, modern and efficient public procurement systems, based on open data and the principle – “everybody sees everything”. 

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Supporting Establishment of a Professional Development System in Civil Service of Georgia United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Governance Reform Fund (GRF) with funds of UK aid from the UK Government 2018 $35,600

The main aim of the project is to support the establishment of a professional development system in civil service of Georgia.

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Promoting Prosecutorial Independence through Monitoring and Engagement (PrIME) European Union 2018-2020 €333,321.64

PrIME aims to support the increase of an external and internal independence of the Prosecution Service of Georgia for ensuring impartiality and fairness in the Georgian prosecution and investigation systems.

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Facilitating Implementation of Reforms in the Judiciary European Union 2018-2020 €45,900

The main objective of the project is to support real reforms of the judicial system through monitoring, evidence-based advocacy, strengthening of individual judges and promotion of dialogue with them. 

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Analyzing Judges' Professional Education System in Georgia East West Management Institute (EWMI) 2018 $40,515

This project aims to critically analyze procedural and institutional guarantees of High School of Justice of Georgia (HSOJ) and initial stages of judicial education system to reveal main existing challenges for proper functioning of the HSOJ and draw relevant conclusions and recommendations based on thorough research and analysis. 

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Transparent Public Procurement Rating – Assessing Public Procurement Legislation and the Enforcement Process in the Eurasian Region and Beyond Open Society Institute Budapest Foundation (OSI) 2017-2019 $155,292

The project aims to build on the experience of the project – “Transparent Public Procurement Rating (TPPR) – Assessing Public Procurement Legislation and the Enforcement Process in the Eurasian Region” and expand the (TPPR) and its common standard for assessing the legislative framework of public procurement beyond the Eastern Partnership Countries, in Central Asian States (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan), Visegrad Countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia), Albania and Mongolia. 

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Combating Clientelism in Local Investments and Financial Transfers Open Society Initiative for Europe through Expert Forum Association 2017-2019 $8,360

The main objective of the project is to contribute to improving the effectiveness, transparency and accountability in budgeting and procurement in Romania, Moldova and Georgia. 

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Strengthening the System of Parliamentary Democracy in Georgia UNDP 2016-2018 $266,195

The programme contributes to UNDPs overall programme aim to establish the Georgian Parliament as a credible institution with a greater role in national policy-making and European integration.

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