IDFI in Media

It is IDFI’s mission to promote democratic governance in Georgia, for which we first and foremost rely on the media. In fact, building partnerships with journalists is one of our main objectives. Only through partnership with the media is IDFI able to reach the public with its messages on Georgia’s current political, economic and social developments.


Below you will find overviews of all the major media coverage received by IDFI’s research materials and watchdog activities that piqued the interest of the public and resulted in government response. For each story we have selected only the most comprehensive news reports.

8 June 2018 image

Expenditures of the Contingency Fund of the Government of Georgia: 2013-2017

7 June 2018 image

Parliament of Georgia Finalizes its Third Open Parliament Action Plan

29 May 2018 image

Presentation of the Draft Law and Monitoring Results of the Constitutional Court of Georgia

7 May 2018 image

Analysis of Drug-Related Criminal Statistics – Practice and Declared Goals Do Not Match

1 May 2018 image

IDFI Launched a New EU Supported PrIME Project

16 March 2018 image

Data Analysis on Persons with Disabilities Living in Georgia

15 January 2018 image

Procedures of Asylum Denial in Georgia are not Transparent

10 October 2017 image

Tbilisi City Assembly Parking Fines Point to Ineffectiveness of the Parking System

12 April 2017 image

The IDFI Evaluates New Mechanism of Monitoring of Asset Declarations

27 March 2017 image

Family Support Policy in Georgia

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