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Multimedia Tutorial Video allows you to: browse various datasets, download them in an open format, create simple visualizations, download your work and/or share it on other websites or social media.

16+ International Forum in Georgia

The main aim of the video is to raise people's awareness about the 16+ International Forum held Tbilisi. The event gathered 150 representatives from 25 countries to discus the best policy and practice in achieving SDG 16–Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies.

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Georgia

The main aim of the social video is to raise people's awareness about the UN SDGs in Georgia. - Transparent Public Procurement Rating

The main aim of the Video is to promote as well as raise public awarness on the functions of Transparent Public Procurement Rating website: 

Your activeness for changes

This video aims to explain the importance of active citizen in the process of developing democratic institutions in Georgia. Another goal of this video is making clear why civic engagement is so important to achieve changes.

What is e-participation

The aim of this video is enhancing civic consciousness about e-communication and e-participation;

Petitions for Tbilisi City Hall

Video aims at informing citizens about online petitions initiated by Tbilisi City Hall in order to encourage them participate more actively in decision making process and submit their initiatives to solve the problems.

Change the law

This video aims at informing society about the ways they can participate in law-making process.

ვიდეო-რგოლის მიზანია განმარტოს, რა არის და როგორ შეუძლიათ მოქალაქეებს საჯარო ინფორმაციის მიღება თუ არსებული ბაზის გამოყენება.

Open Government Partnership (OGP) - Georgia

This video aims at informing society about the “Open Government Partnership” initiative.