IDFI in Media

It is IDFI’s mission to promote democratic governance in Georgia, for which we first and foremost rely on the media. In fact, building partnerships with journalists is one of our main objectives. Only through partnership with the media is IDFI able to reach the public with its messages on Georgia’s current political, economic and social developments.


Below you will find overviews of all the major media coverage received by IDFI’s research materials and watchdog activities that piqued the interest of the public and resulted in government response. For each story we have selected only the most comprehensive news reports.

14 October 2015 image

Media Coverage of Discussion - Internetization and Broadband Development of Georgia

17 September 2015 image

Media Coverage of Global Legislative Openness Week in Tbilisi, Georgia

9 September 2015 image

IDFI's Analyst Speaks about Ongoing Events in Georgian Media

9 September 2015 image

Internetization - Important but not so Open Process

21 March 2015 image

Tbilisi NGOs launch petition against GD members Anti-Western statements

16 March 2015 image

Бизнес Грузия on the Privatization of State Owned Wine Factories

8 September 2014 image

50,000 foreigners call Georgia home

15 May 2014 image

What are the professions of Georgian Parliament Members

19 March 2014 image

The Messenger Online

19 March 2014 image