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Our funding

Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) gets funding from various sources, such as international funds, governments of foreign countries, international and/or local organizations and institutions, private companies and individuals.

IDFI accepts funding, only if its purpose is in line with organization’s vision and objectives, and does not negatively affect IDFI’s reputation and independence.

We refuse to accept funding from government institutions, political parties and/or persons affiliated with them.

Information about the sources of our funding is public. For transparency purposes, we proactively publish information about our projects and their funding on our as well as any other relevant websites. In 2016, already for the second time, IDFI was named as the most financially transparent organization (among 200 Think Tanks from 47 countries) by Transparify.


IDFI's Annual Budget:


- FY 2016 - 477 516 USD - Financial Report by Projects -  Vizualisation of the Report - Independent Auditor's Financial Report 


- FY 2015 - 472 283 USD - Financial Report by Projects -  Vizualisation of the Report - Independent Auditor's Financial Report 


- FY 2014 - 485 132 USD - Financial Report by Projects - Vizualisation of the ReportIndependent Auditor's Financial Report 


- FY 2013 - 270 700 USD - Financial Report by Projects 


- FY 2012 - 374 000 USD  

- FY 2011 - 150 000 USD 


In 2018, IDFI was certified as equivalent to a U.S. public charity by NGOsource. The unique NGOsource ED repository allows US-based grantmakers to access IDFI’s existing legal analysis and ED certificate.