Coalition Activity

4 February 2019 image

Time Machine FET Flagship - Consortium

Coalition aims at building a Large Scale Historical Simulator mapping 2000 years of European History. Furthemore, its member organizations tend to develop new technologies for the scanning, analyzing, accessing, preserving and communicating of cultural heritage at a massive scale.


6 September 2017 image

The Freedom of Information Advocates Network (FOIAnet)

The Freedom of Information Advocates Network (FOIAnet) is an international information-sharing network of organizations and individuals working to promote the right of access to information. It includes over 240 member organizations and over 700 individuals participating in the discussion list. IDFI as an active promoter of the citizen’s rights of access to information has been a member of the FOIAnet since 2010. 

21 June 2017 image Forum

IDFI is the member of the Forum intended to help connect the world's civic organizations engaged in monitoring, supporting and opening up their countries' parliaments and legislative institutions. 

1 June 2017 image

UN Convention Against Corruption Coalition

On June 1st, 2017, IDFI joined UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) Coalition - a global network of over 350 civil society organizations (CSOs) in over 100 countries, committed to promoting the ratification, implementation and monitoring of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). 

5 September 2016 image

Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia

20 non-governmental organizations have announced the launch of the Coalition for a Euro-Atlantic Georgia. The Coalition’s mission is to contribute to the building of a free and independent state, where human rights are duly protected and institutions function efficiently. To achieve this, civil society organizations said they will concert their best efforts and closely cooperate with each other to expedite Georgia’s full integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions.

15 October 2015 image

Open Parliament Georgia Working Group

An Inter-Factional Group and the Open Parliament Georgia Working Group were created within the framework of the project “Supporting Parliament of Georgia Involvement in Open Government Partnership Initiative”.

15 September 2015 image

Economic Policy Advocacy Coalition

On September 15, 2015, the Economic Policy Advocacy Coalition (EPAC) was created with the initiative of Governing for Growth (G4G) – a project of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The Coalition brings together 58 organizations, including Georgia-based business associations, chambers of commerce, strategic research centers and other non-governmental organizations.

5 August 2014 image

Intergovernmental Anti-Corruption Council

The Intergovernmental Anti-Corruption Council is an institution created according to Georgian Law on "Conflict of Interests and Corruption in Civil Service". Its functions are coordinating anti-corruption activities in the country, updating and controlling implementation of anti-corruption strategy and action plan, controlling reporting to international organizations, initating corresponding legislative actions and preparing recommendations. 

5 August 2014 image

Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary

Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary was formed in April 2011, with 31 member NGOs. The goal of the coalition is to strengthen the capacity of legal professional associations, legal rights NGOs, business associations, and the media in monitoring relevant judicial practices and advocating for an independent judiciary.

5 August 2014 image

Georgian Civil Society National Platform for the Eastern Partnership

The European Commission initiated the establishment of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum. CSF consists of civil society organizations (CSOs) from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Ukraine, EU and worldwide.

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