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Gifts Received by Judges 2020-2022

On October 25, 2022, IDFI released a study titled "Gifts Received by Public Officials 2020-2022”, which delved into the disclosed information regarding gifts received by officials within the executive branch and their respective family members.

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Assessment of the quality of public-private dialogue in preparation of normative acts

Ensuring cooperation between the public and private sectors is important for the development of evidence-based and inclusive policies and legislative basis as well as the effective execution of regulations.

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Russian capital and Russian connections in Georgian business

Russian capital and Russian connections in Georgian business

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Analysis of Overall Statistical Data on General Courts of Georgia 2010-2022

The courts of various instances of Georgia produce statistics according to the statistical forms developed by the Supreme Court, which are sent to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court produces statistical reports according to the data reflected in the statistical forms.


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Effects of the Amendments to the Law on Broadcasting on Digital Rights

Due to the advancement of digital technologies and online communication tools, the significance and impact of online platforms have grown.

31 March 2023 image

Future of the Georgian Pension Reform

Pension reform in Georgia began in 2018. Finding instances of effective pension reform in emerging economies, even those with extensive experience in implementing such reforms proves to be challenging.

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Proactive disclosure of public information is one of the most significant commitments Georgia took within the framework of the Open Government Partnership (OGP). The goal of the commitment is to guarantee proactive accountability and transparency of public institutions.

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The Soviet Roots of Anti-Western Propaganda (According to the "Communist" newspaper of the 1970s)

Russia is actively using its economic, financial, political, and informational leverage, and is waging information warfare and using propaganda to bring former Soviet and Eastern European countries back into its orbit.

1 December 2022 image

Reflection of the 1930s repressions in Contemporary Georgian School Textbooks

The "Great Terror" period of the 1930s, especially in its latter half, is a particularly traumatic and significant period in the history of Georgia, as well as other post-Soviet countries. The era, masterminded by Joseph Stalin, who was born in Georgia, was marked by the brutal tactics of the regime. 

28 November 2022 image

Russian capital and Russian connections in Georgian business

The Kremlin's harmful influence on the international stage is multifaceted, encompassing not just military and political aspects, but also economic and informational ones that are equally significant. 

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