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Proactive disclosure of public information is one of the most significant commitments Georgia took within the framework of the Open Government Partnership (OGP). The goal of the commitment is to guarantee proactive accountability and transparency of public institutions.

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The Soviet Roots of Anti-Western Propaganda (According to the "Communist" newspaper of the 1970s)

Russia is actively using its economic, financial, political, and informational leverage, and is waging information warfare and using propaganda to bring former Soviet and Eastern European countries back into its orbit.

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Telecoms Corporate Accountability Practices in terms of Digital Freedoms in Georgia

As of July 2022, there are more than 1 million (1,011,791) internet subscribers in Georgia. 

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Blocked Websites in Georgia: Legal and Practical Analysis

On September 12, 2022 IDFI requested public information from the Georgian National Communications Commission (“Communications Commission” or “Commission”) about the addresses to block internet pages sent to internet-providers from 2017 up to date. 

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Georgia's Implementation of the international sanctions imposed against Russia

As a result of the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation came under significant international sanctions.

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Access to Public Information by the Media: Legislation v. Reality

It was revealed during the course of the project that there are practical-normative problems of a systemic nature in terms of obtaining information on issues of interest to the media.

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2023 Draft Budget: Response to the Nation’s Challenges & Recommendations

The main challenge for the country is a bold rethinking of approaches to economic growth and, in general, economic policy. The 2023 draft budget can respond much better to the country's main infrastructural and education challenges, which, according to international experience, is the driver of double-digit economic growth in the medium term.

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Overview of the education sector and identification of challenges faced by ethnic minorities and socially vulnerable groups

The increase in the quality of education is essential for the country’s economic development. The Constitution guarantees the possibility of education, and it is crucial that the state create equal conditions for receiving education for the population living in the country, regardless of ethnic origin or social group. 

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Finances of Russian Citizens in Georgian Commercial Banks

After Russia's invasion in Ukraine, one of the most important challenges for Georgia has been the influx of Russian citizens into the country. IDFI periodically studies and publishes various statistical data related to the border crossing and granting of Russian citizenship in Georgia.

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Granting Georgian Citizenship – Data Analysis 2018-2022

The grounds for acquiring Georgian citizenship for aliens is regulated by the organic law On Georgian Citizenship. 

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