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Handbook on Open Local Government and Public Ethics

The Council of Europe, in the framework of the Council of Europe 2020-2023 Action Plan for Georgia, is implementing the project "Strengthening participatory democracy and human rights at local level in Georgia". The main goal of the project is to strengthen citizen involvement and human rights protection at the local level.


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Official Communication Regarding the Exports of Dairy Products to Russia

On March 6, 2022, the Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported that the Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision (Rosselkhoznadzor) had allowed 15 Georgian companies to supply milk and dairy products to Russia. 

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Challenges to the Georgian Economy against the Background of International Sanctions against Russia

Russia's aggression against Ukraine and the start of a war in the region have a significant impact on the Georgian economy. The current review discusses the dependence of the Georgian economy on the economies of neighboring and friend countries.

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Russian Capital in Georgia

Russian malign influence still defines the post-Soviet region’s most pressing political, economic and social challenges. While Russian hybrid strategies in the cyber warand information sphere have been much discussed and analysed, there is often a lack of up-to-date empirical evidence documenting Russian influences in different Georgian business sectors. The Kremlin has long been weaponizing corruption and money flows in both its foreign and domestic politics. Corrupt practices are being deliberately exported as a tool to weaken and destabilize democratic institutions, most especially in post-Soviet countries. Counter-disinformation efforts are increasingly moving beyond the narrow media lens and are recognizing money and business as vectors of malign influence and as key tools of nonlinear warfare.

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Processing of Biometric and Genetic Data - European Standards

Data related to a person's physical, biological, or physiological characteristics that enable an individual to be uniquely identified is considered to biometric data.

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Internet Freedom and Digital Rights in Georgia: Systemic Challenges 

The virtualization of public life is an inevitable consequence of technological development. Each form of physical communication is gradually emerging as a digital alternative. The public's dependence on technology and the Internet is increasing, which leads to a growth in the importance of the digital sphere. Specifically, technological development affects all the fundamental values ​​of the states - the quality of democracy and the Rule of Law and the protection of basic human rights.


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My Graphic History: Soviet Repressions in Adjara through Comic Books

The 30s of the XX century turned out to be one of the darkest spots in Georgian history. It was a period of impunity, when completely innocent people were shot or deported to remote, uninhabited places without trial or convictionby the Soviet State. Their family members, the elderly, women and children were evicted into the open, their homes confiscated, and, most importantly, their dignity violated with the labels of as a “traitor’s” relatives.

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Beneficial Ownership Transparency in Georgia and Visegrad Countries

The right to property is a fundamentally important one, representing one of the cornerstones of any kind of economic relationship, attracting investments, and guaranteeing the further development of the economy in general. However, the right to property is not an absolute right. On the one hand, it is a bearer of broad public social responsibility, and on the other hand, the legal regime of property rights also equips the bearer of such a right with corresponding obligations. In particular, the latter must be governed by domestic as well as international law and fulfill its obligations to other economic entities, organizations, individuals, and the state.

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Best European Practice of Public Administration and Georgia

Well-functioning public administration is a prerequisite for transparent and effective democratic governance and the foundation of the functioning of the state. Effective public administration is vital for implementing crucial reforms and reaching the goal of the European integration. 

2 November 2021 image

Georgian Economic Overview - 2021

IDFI launched the periodic review of Georgia’s economy in 2021. The current review covers the state of GDP, external trade, remittances, FDI, exchange rate, budget, and external debt as of the first 9 months of 2021, as well as projections for the coming year.


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