18 May 2015 image

Georgian Citizens Detained by Russian Occupational Troops in 2009-2015

During 2009-2015 period russian occupational armed forces detained 2 117 Georgian citizens for illegally crossing the border.

14 May 2015 image

The Level of Transparency Continues to Worsen

In March 2015 IDFI referred with FOI requests to every Ministry and their Sub-agency in Georgia. In total 1185 requests were sent to 19 Ministries and 49 Ministry Sub-entities. It should be emphasized that 22.9% of the requests were ignored by the public institutions. High number of the ignored requests is explained by the fact that three Ministries and nine Sub-entities did not provide any response on our questions. 

8 May 2015 image

Russian Capital in Georgian Business

The study reveals the companies, established in Georgia but owned by Russian citizens. The study is based on the official documents and news spread through the media. 

1 May 2015 image

The Presentation of the Research – the Issues of Open Parliament in OGP Member Countries

Levan Avalishvili, the Chairman of IDFI presented the study Issues of Open Parliament in OGP Member Countries that was conducted by the organization.

1 April 2015 image

Advisers at Public Institutions

Find the newest report on Minister, Deputy Minister and other high public official advisers prepared by IDFI.

4 March 2015 image

Supporting and Monitoring of the Transition to Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting in Georgia - Project Implementation Report

A new state policy and strategy of Digital Switchover, that is more media interests adjusted, was adopted as a result of IDFI’s activities, carried out within the framework of the project Supporting and Monitoring of the Transition to Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting in Georgia, supported by Open Society - Georgia Foundation (OSGF). Action plan of Digital Switchover was approved in the beginning of 2014.

11 February 2015 image

Access to Information in Georgia 2014

The results of the report cover the period between October 2013 and December 2014. Within the framework of the project a total of 7 878 FOI requests have been sent to 308 public institutions during the given period. 

12 December 2014 image

Information on the Persons Held Responsible for the Facts of Torture in the Prisons is Still Inaccessible

After the footage of torture from prison cells was published in 2012, the belief that the facts of torture and inhuman, degrading treatment was well implemented practice in penitentiary institutions was inculcated in the society. This was added inter alia by the public statements of high officials currently in office, highlighting the existing problems. Nevertheless, till to date society has no comprehensive information on the results and scale of the investigations.

3 December 2014 image

International Survey of Information Commissioners

The latest International Survey of Information Commissioners, conducted by the Centre for Freedom of Information, has been published (17 November 2014).

27 November 2014 image

Meeting the Obligation to Disclose Public Information by the Public Entities (GYLA)

The research enshrines data received from 17 public entities and covers the period of January the 1st, 2013 to August the 31st 2014. Precisely, the practice of responding to the FOI requests implemented by the Parliament of Georgia, the Ministries as well as by the Supreme Court of Georgia was assessed;