Top 10 Criterias for Creating New National Action Plan

News | Research | Publications | Open Government 30 March 2016

Open Government Partnership (OGP) has published a blog which outlines 10 principal criteria for developing an effective OGP national action plan:


1. Local Civil Society Expertise
2. IRM Reports
3. Government Point of Contact Manual
4. Working Groups
5. Peer exchange
6. Open Gov Guide
7. Open Gov Guide SDGs
8. Multilateral Partners
9. OGP Explorer
10. OGP Webinars


Third wave of the OGP action plans is kicking off from May and according to OGP, an action plan based on the criteria listed below will ensure its relevance to the OGP values and principles, thus, will ensure openness, transparency and accountability of the governmental sector, and encourage civic engagement in decision making processes. Please, access full research here.


/public/upload/Meri/10 critera ENG.pdf

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