11 April 2018 image

Medical Care Expenses of Patients Living in the Occupied Territories

IDFI requested public information from the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs regarding statistical data of 2014-2017, on patients living in the occupied territories, receiving stationary services provided by the medical institutions of Georgia. The ministry has fully provided requested information.

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Procedures of Asylum Denial in Georgia are not Transparent

IDFI presents statistical analysis of court decisions received from 1 January 2017 to September 1 2017 on granting refugee or humanitarian status, as well as reviewing existing legislation and international practice. The recommendations of IDFI are presented at the end of the report to solve the identified problematic issues.

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National Assessment of Georgian Municipalities

The latest wave of local self-government reform took place in 2014 and involved the adoption of a new Local Self-Government Code. The code introduced direct election of mayors[1] and governors, clear separation of duties between the central and local authorities. Also important was the inclusion of a separate chapter on the mechanisms of self-governance, which introduced new mechanisms (general assembly of a settlement, council of civil advisors) and further refined existing ones (petition, participation in meetings of representative bodies, hearings of public official and municipal council member reports).



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Assessment of Citizen Engagement Practices in the Municipalities of Batumi, Kutaisi and Akhaltsikhe

The challenges of the municipalities are largely similar and require systemic improvement. Several types of problems were identified in the assessed municipalities – 1. Insufficient skills of the public to engage policy dialogue; 2. Insufficient political will of the local government to consider input of the public; 3. Low capacity of civil servants involved in the public engagement process; 4. Fragmented legal framework on public participation; 5. Absence of innovation in the process of informing and consulting the public.

30 June 2017 image

Fining Policy of the Patrol Police (2013 – 2016)

On what bases did the Georgian patrol police change its fining policy over the past 4 years? What effect did tightening or softening of sanctions have on the number of fines? What changes should we expect from the new road safety reform? Find answers to these and other questions in a new study by IDFI.

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IDFI Identifies Shortcomings in the Evaluation of the Anti-Corruption Action Plan Implementation

Even though the implementation process of the 2015-2016 anti-corruption action plan is already completed, IDFI considers that the revealed gaps should be still taken into consideration while reviewing the results of 2017-2018 action plan monitoring process.

15 May 2017 image

Implementation Assessment of the Georgian Public Procurement Legislation

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the procurement system of Georgia, including problems related to the implementation of the legislation, assess its performance, point out its strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations on solutions. The paper is based on the assessment of the Public Procurement Legislation of Georgia (PPL) that was conducted within the framework of the project Transparent Public Procurement Rating (TPPR).

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The Global Principles on Protection of Freedom of Expression and Privacy

This document is part of ARTICLE 19’s International Standards Series, an ongoing effort to elaborate in greater detail the implications of protecting and promoting the right to freedom of expression in different thematic areas. These Principles are the result of a process of study, analysis, and drawing on the extensive experience and work of ARTICLE 19’s regional offices and partner organisations in many countries around the world.
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Recommendations of IDFI on the Draft Anti-Corruption Action Plan for 2017-2018

IDFI welcomes the elaboration of new Anti-Corruption Action Plan for 2017-2018. Despite the comprehensive input from the responsible agencies IDFI identified several shortfalls with respect to the reflection of international commitments, derived from the GRECO and OECD-ACN evaluation reports and 2016 London Anti-Corruption Summit Country Statements.

15 March 2017 image

Court Decisions in Georgia: How to Negotiate the Minefield Between Access and Respect for Privacy

The academic paper prepared by the Director of the Center for law and Democracy (Canada), Toby Mendel discusses the ways of balancing  the interests of  freedom of information and privacy.  The document is based on the challenges faced by Georgia in regards with access to court decisions, which has become subject of active international discussion as a result of the activities conducted by IDFI. With the aim of addressing existing challenges the paper presents the case law of the European Court of Human Rights.