19 August 2015 image

Open Parliament Georgia Action Plan 2015-2016

This document represents an Open Parliament Georgia Action Plan which aims to ensure openness of the Parliament and transparency of parliamentary information, and to facilitate citizen engagement in parliamentary work and legislative process in line with the principles of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), and the Declaration on Parliamentary Openness.

22 July 2015 image

Russian Influence on Georgian NGOs and Media

The present research discusses the NGOs and Media organizations which we believe are distinguished with anti-western rhetoric. The two organizations especially active in this connecting are – Eurasian Institute and Eurasian Choice.


21 July 2015 image

Problems of the Cancelled Governmental Contest Broadband Internet to Every Citizen and Recommendations of IDFI

The research conducted by IDFI is about the general and current issues of the contest announced by the government of Georgia within the scopes of the special program, broadband internet cover in Georgia in order to increase indicator of Internet Concentration.

10 July 2015 image

Funding Priorities of Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia

On March 26th, IDFI addressed Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia to request information about funded activities

17 June 2015 image

Open Georgia: How Open Data Can Be Used As An Anti-Corruption Tool

The paper was prepared for the conference “Central and Eastern European e-Democracy and e-Governance Days” held in Budapest on May 7-8, 2015 by representative of E-governance Institute, Eric B. Jackson

11 June 2015 image

E-Governance in Georgia: Citizen-Serving, Informing and Empowering

The proponents of ‚smart‘ cities frequently make the claim that the digitization of city halls can help cities to become more transparent, responsive and participatory.


10 June 2015 image

The Practice of Awarding Civil Servants With Bonuses and Salary Supplements in 2014

According to the government decree about regulations on the bonuses in public service, in lots of institutions bonuses were replaced with salary supplements

27 May 2015 image

Recommendations of the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) On the Reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia

As the member of the Working Group, IDFI, drew out the recommendations that support the implementation of the reforms, modernization and creation of the effective citizen engagement mechanism at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.

22 May 2015 image

IDFI’s Recommendations for Internet Market liberalization

Head of Media and Telecommunications Department of IDFI, Ucha Seturi presented about Internet Speed Testing Issues and Challenges of small ISPs.

19 May 2015 image

The Impact of Russian Money Transfers on Stability of Georgian Economy

IDFI recently presented the study “ Russian capital in Georgian Business”, that represents those Georgian companies that are owned by Russian citizens.