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Economics and Social Policy

28 March 2018 image

Expenses on Public School Infrastructure in Georgia 2014-2017

Expenses on Public School Infrastructure in Georgia 2014-2017.

12 January 2018 image

Asylum Seekers in Georgia - 2012-2017

IDFI visualization about asylum seekers in Georgia in 2012-2017 years. 


10 October 2017 image

Tbilisi City Assembly Parking Fines Point to Ineffectiveness of the Parking System

The number of fines issued on vehicles belonging to the Tbilisi City Council over the past 7 years shows that the existing parking system has failed to regulate parking even just outside the Council building.

30 August 2017 image

New Draft Law on Remuneration in Public Service Fails to Meet Existing Challenges

Despite positive changes, IDFI believes that the new draft law on remuneration in the public service proposed by Ministry of Finance and the Civil Service Bureau fails to meet existing challenges.

15 May 2017 image

Implementation Assessment of the Georgian Public Procurement Legislation

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the procurement system of Georgia, including problems related to the implementation of the legislation, assess its performance, point out its strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations on solutions. The paper is based on the assessment of the Public Procurement Legislation of Georgia (PPL) that was conducted within the framework of the project Transparent Public Procurement Rating (TPPR).

15 May 2017 image

Assessing Public Procurement Legislation and Practice in Eastern Partnership Countries - International Conference

On May 13, IDFI and Open Society Institute Budapest Foundation (OSI) hosted a conference: Assessing Public Procurement Legislation and Practice in Eastern Partnership Countries.

11 April 2017 image

The IDFI Evaluates New Mechanism of Monitoring of Asset Declarations

Georgian legislation provides for the obligation for public officials to submit their asset declarations annually. Declarations are available on the webpage of the Civil Service Bureau. The system is largely functional. However, there are several shortcomings associated to it. Namely, there is no mechanism in place to verify declared data and identify the cases when inconsistent or deliberately false information is indicated. Which will then result in the liability of public officials.

23 March 2017 image

Family Support Policy in Georgia

The policy brief looks at Georgia’s demographic problems, its state policy on providing financial and other kinds of assistance to large families, and provides recommendations on how to improve this policy based on international best practices.

23 February 2017 image

Georgia in 2017 Index of Economic Freedom

Georgia has gained 10 positions in the 2017 Index of Economic Freedom, taking the 13th place in the ranking of 180 countries worldwide and going ahead of all of its neighbors and most European and Post-Soviet countries. In Europe, Georgia took the 5th place and is behind only Switzerland, Estonia, Ireland and Great Britain.

9 February 2017 image

IDP Families Waiting for Permanent Homes - Limited State Resources or Lack of Political Will

As of January 2017, 37,000 IDP households in Georgia are expecting state assistance. According to the Ministry of Refugees, GEL 1.5 billion is needed to provide these families with permanent housing.

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