Economics and Social Policy

21 September 2023 image

Regional Information Campaign to promote public-private dialogue

IDFI with the support of USAID's Economic Governance Program is implementing a regional information campaign to promote public-private dialogue.

10 August 2023 image

Assessment of the quality of public-private dialogue in preparation of normative acts

Ensuring cooperation between the public and private sectors is important for the development of evidence-based and inclusive policies and legislative basis as well as the effective execution of regulations.

13 June 2023 image

Economic risks of distancing from the West

Distancing from the West is signaled By the GoG's effort to legislate against foreign agents,pursue intensive economic relationship with Russia as well as renew direct flights from Russia. According to 2022 data, GEL 7,39 billion entered Georgiam from foreign sources, viz., 1,57 billion GEL from investment projects financed by donors; 5,82 billion GEL from direct foreign investments. 

30 May 2023 image

Will the Georgian Economy Collapse Vis- à -Vis Bilateral Sanctions on Russia?

The significant decline in trade with Russia due to the Russian embargo initiated in 2006, followed by the war, had a devastating impact on the Georgian economy.

28 April 2023 image

Presentation and panel discussion - 30 questions to the governments economic Team

On April 28th, the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) conducted a presentation and panel discussion on Thirty Questions for the Government Economic Team.

31 March 2023 image

Future of the Georgian Pension Reform

Pension reform in Georgia began in 2018. Finding instances of effective pension reform in emerging economies, even those with extensive experience in implementing such reforms proves to be challenging.

22 February 2023 image

The Impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on Georgia in Numbers

The Impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on Georgia in Numbers

6 February 2023 image

Working Meetings to Develop the Gender Index of the State Budget.

On February 1-3, a series of workshops were held with the Ministry of Finance of Georgia, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Affairs of Georgia, the Permanent Parliamentary Gender Equality Council, the Public Defender's Office of Georgia and the Parliamentary Budget Office to develop the gender index of the state budget.


9 December 2022 image

Mikhail Fridman's business interests in Georgia

Russian oligarch and the alleged co-owner of Borjomi, Mikhail Fridman was arrested in London on money laundering charges. Until now, Borjomi has not publicly published information on whether Mikhail Fridman still owns a share in the company.


28 November 2022 image

Russian capital and Russian connections in Georgian business

The Kremlin's harmful influence on the international stage is multifaceted, encompassing not just military and political aspects, but also economic and informational ones that are equally significant. 

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