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Economics and Social Policy

31 May 2018 image

Patients Funded for Overseas Treatment in 2015-2017

In 2015-2017, a total of 1,191 patients were provided funding for overseas treatment from the state budget, with 14.4 million GEL spent; In 2015-2017, the largest share of patients (35%) funded for overseas treatment were seeking treatment for oncological problems; In 2015-2017, on average the largest amount of funds (18 867,5 GEL) was allocated to treatment of patients of liver and kidney pathology (transplants), while the smallest amount of funds was spent on the treatment of ophthalmology. 

31 May 2018 image

Mortgaged Real Estate Sales Indicators in 2017

In 2017, the National Bureau of Enforcement sold 1,695 pieces of real estate, among these 1,258 constituted residential areas; Among the indicators for the sales of mortgaged real estate, the largest shares of creditors were represented by natural persons (649 cases) and commercial banks (625 cases).  

31 May 2018 image

Results of the Hepatitis C State Program

In the “State Program for Control over Hepatitis C” from ეnactment up to October 2017, up to 43,000 persons registered, up to 42,000 patients engaged, more than 36,000 patients completed.

30 May 2018 image

Official Statistics on Refusals to Entry for Foreign Citizens at the Georgian Border

Between 2014 and September 30 of 2017, foreign citizens were refused entry at the Georgian state border a total of 27,400 times

23 May 2018 image

Fines for Illicit Garbage in Tbilisi in 2017

A total of 4,563 protocols were filed for illicit garbage disposal in Tbilisi in 2017. Among these, 338 for institutions and 4,225 for persons; Amount fined amounted to 933,227 GEL. Among this, 387,620 GEL from institutions and 545,607 GEL from persons.

13 May 2018 image

Remittances in Georgia

One of the more important sources of foreign currency inflow to Georgia is the funds sent to their native country by emigrants. The largest diaspora of Georgians is present in the Russian Federation, therefore the largest share of remittances is made from Russia. Since 2012, the share of remittances from the Russian Federation significantly decreases annually and by 2017 decreased to 33%. 

22 April 2018 image

Statistical Data of Internally Displaced Persons by Deprivation of Status, Termination and Income

According to the information provided by the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia, 277,403 persons have registered as an IDP in Georgia

28 March 2018 image

Expenses on Public School Infrastructure in Georgia 2014-2017

Expenses on Public School Infrastructure in Georgia 2014-2017.

12 January 2018 image

Asylum Seekers in Georgia - 2012-2017

IDFI visualization about asylum seekers in Georgia in 2012-2017 years. 


10 October 2017 image

Tbilisi City Assembly Parking Fines Point to Ineffectiveness of the Parking System

The number of fines issued on vehicles belonging to the Tbilisi City Council over the past 7 years shows that the existing parking system has failed to regulate parking even just outside the Council building.

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