Economics and Social Policy

28 April 2020 image

The Statistics of Social Assistance for the Victims of Political Repressions

On 24 April 2020, IDFI published the article “The Mechanisms for Restoring the Rights of the Victims of Political Repression in Georgia and Their Assessment”. It is emphasized in the article that the amount of subsidy for the social support and daily living needs of the victims of political repression is not enough for satisfying the minimal daily needs.

9 October 2019 image

Expenditures of Contingency Funds of Local Municipalities in 2018

IDFI studied the practice of allocation of municipal contingency funds throughout 2018 and presents a short summary of the results.

9 October 2019 image

Expenditures of the Contingency Funds of Local Municipalities in 2018

IDFI's visualization on the Expenditures of the Contingency Funds of Local Municipalities in 2018.

2 October 2019 image

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative In Georgia

Georgia has a wide diversity of mineral deposits.  Even though large deposits of mineral resources are not commonly found in Georgia, oil, coal, manganese, nonferrous and rare metals, chemical raw materials, and inert materials are of commercial significance.

25 September 2019 image

A Major Public Procurement Reform is Underway in Costa Rica

August 2019 saw Costa Rica take an important step in improving its public procurement system. The Comptroller General’s Office with the support of several deputies presented a bill that comprehensively reforms the existing Administrative Contracting Law.


19 June 2019 image

Role of Good Governance Reform in Economic Development & Investment Attraction - IDFI's Panel at International Investment Forum

More than 500 delegates from more than 15 countries participated in the Annual International Investment Forum held in Tbilisi on June 19 - Developing Market Economics: Prospects and Challenges.

26 December 2018 image

Comparative Analysis of Public Procurement Legislations in the Countries of Eurasian Region

The purpose of this comparative analysis prepared by IDFI is to show parallel trends and shared characteristics of public procurement systems in Eurasian Region, including the best practices. 

16 October 2018 image

TPPR Methodology in Spanish

The TPPR Methodology prepared by IDFI is envisioned to be a universal methodology for assessing public procurement legislations (PPLs) with the ultimate goal of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of legal frameworks and their enforcement.

28 September 2018 image

Presenting a New Online Module for Public Official Income Declarations and Georgia’s Open Data Platform –

Access to public information in Georgia, especially in open and machine-readable form, remains a challenge. The basis for this is, to some extent, the absence of relevant legislative base and standards.


17 September 2018 image

Transparent Public Procurement Rating – A CSO Initiative that Uses OGP to Strengthen Public Procurement Reforms

As the Open Government Partnership is gaining momentum around the globe, more and more areas of policy are being incorporated through action plan commitments. Public procurement is one such area. While there very few star commitments related to public procurement to date, this could very well change.