Economics and Social Policy

28 January 2016 image

Lecture at Akaki Tsereteli State University

On January 27th, the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) organized the lecture “Georgia 2020 – Regulating Competition in Telecommunication Field” at Akaki Tsereteli State University.

25 January 2016 image

Healthcare Cost Containment Mechanisms and Georgia’s Healthcare System

In 2015, just like during previous years, the universal healthcare program expenditures exceeded the foreseen budget. The statement made by the mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) verifies the above-mentioned: “Healthcare costs were higher in 2015 than it was planned.

22 January 2016 image

Analysis of Pension System Reform

One of the main goals of the ongoing economic transformation undertaken by the government of Georgia is to develop a modern, inclusive, liberal economy in Georgia, which will be competitive in the global economic system. Pension system reform is an integral part of this transformation, due to its prominent financial and social importance.

14 January 2016 image

Open Data Web-applications Created by IDFI

Based on the open data published on the Georgian government portal IDFI has created special web-applications - currency exchange offices in Georgia and registry of notary bureaus in Georgia.

5 January 2016 image

Forms of Ownership of Medical Organizations, World Practice and Georgia

In different developed and developing countries, there are several forms of ownership of medical organizations: Nonprofit, For-profit, State-owned, Public-private partnership. Such diversity is mostly due to the particularities of the medical market. However, there are predominantly two forms of ownership in Georgia – for-profit and state-owned.


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International Financial Grants Allocated for Georgia in the 1995-2015 Time Period

On December 4th 2015, IDFI requested information from the Ministry of Finance regarding gratuitous financial support to Georgia since independence from various states and organizations. According to information provided by the Ministry of Finance, the total sum of grants Georgia received from states and organizations in the years 1995-2015 equals $2 071 470 000 USD.

16 December 2015 image

Bonuses and Salary Supplements of High Officials in first 6 months of 2015

IDFI published a new analysis regarding bonuses and salary supplements of High Officials in first 6 months of 2015

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What is Inclusive Growth?

The prominence of inclusive growth, reflected in the Social-Economic Development Strategy - Georgia 2020, can be thought of as a mirror-image of the debates among academic and policy makers.

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Securities Market in Georgia - Problems, Challenges and Perspectives

Securities market is a complex and multidimensional mechanism. Even the lack of a single piece of the mechanism is enough to provoke its failure. Therefore, there are numerous objective and subjective factors that influence normal functioning of the securities market.

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Healthcare costs in line with the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the funding of Georgia’s healthcare system

The aim of the article is to assess whether the critical claims about the expenditures of government on the healthcare system are valid, as well as determine if there exists any type of standard measurement, or recommendation on how much the government should spend on healthcare, considering the economic capacity of the country?