Economics and Social Policy

4 November 2015 image

Assessment of 2016 Draft Budget

The planned deficit budget does not promote the retaining of stable exchange rate in the short term. In the light of 35% depreciation of GEL and high dollarisation level, the trust toward the national currency is significantly decreased, which means that very little is enough to aggravate negative expectations in the society. 

22 October 2015 image

Prospects of Bond Market Development

Prospects of Bond Market Development

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Inclusive Economic Growth and Capability Approach - Alternatives for Georgia's Development Policy

According to the social economic development strategy "Georgia 2020", market is the primary driver of the development process. The ideas of the economists, arguing for the inclusive growth and for state's greater role in economy, is practically ignored in the document.  

9 October 2015 image

BDD 2016-2019: Dividing a Small Cake

 In the 2016-2019 BDD budget the tax burden is expected to increase, instead of decreasing in terms of GDP.

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First Steps for Primary Health Reform

Tengiz Verulava's blogpost about first steps that need to be implemented for primary health reform

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The Effects of Depreciation of GEL on the Social-Economic Strategy Georgia 2020

GEL started to significantly depreciate by the end of last year. The reason was the decrease in exports and increase in the deficit of current account. 

5 October 2015 image

Contestants Working Meeting at Lopota

Contestants of project Georgia 2020 had a working meeting at Lopota.

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Strategic Plan 2020 – Answers From the Ministry of Finance of Georgia

In accordance to the June 17, 2014 resolution (N400) of the Government of Georgia, the Social Economic Development Strategy “Georgia 2020” was approved. The Ministry of Finance of Georgia was involved in the formulation of the strategy along with the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. IDFI was interested in the implementation process of the strategy.

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Reasons and Threats of Depreciation of National Currency

Reasons and Threats of Depreciation of National Currency

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Public Information Received from State Service of Veterans Affairs

IDFI has recently recieved requested public information from state service of Veterans Affairs