12 March 2019 image

Implementation of the Judicial Strategy and the 2017-2018 Action Plan

Based on the requirements set forth in the EU-Georgia Association Agreement, the judicial branch of the government developed the 5-year strategy for judicial reform and the 2-year Action Plan for the implementation of the Strategy for the first time in Georgia’s history. 

22 February 2019 image

The Government of Georgia reduces its efforts to implement OECD-ACN Recommendations

Anti-Corruption Network of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD-ACN) published its second progress report on anticorruption recommendations issued for Georgia in its Fourth Round Monitoring Report. Of the 22 total recommendations, none of them showed significant progress, 17 were assessed as having some progress, and four of them indicated lack of progress, while no rating was granted to the remaining one.

4 February 2019 image

Prosecutorial Reform – Review of System Changes at Onset of 2019

December 2018, after the inauguration of the President of Georgia, marks also a commencement date for the new constitutional amendments. As a result of these changes, Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia was separated from the Ministry of Justice and became a fully independent agency. The head of the institution is the Prosecutor General, while independence, transparency, and effectiveness of the system are guaranteed by the Prosecutorial Council.

26 December 2018 image

Comparative Analysis of Public Procurement Legislations in the Countries of Eurasian Region

The purpose of this comparative analysis prepared by IDFI is to show parallel trends and shared characteristics of public procurement systems in Eurasian Region, including the best practices. 

19 December 2018 image

Venice Commission Published its Opinion on New Provision on Prosecutorial Council

European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) has published its opinion on the new provisions on the prosecutorial council in the draft organic law on the Prosecutor’s Office. The opinion briefly assessed the provisions in the draft law that were prepared for the purposes of harmonizing the law on Prosecutor’s Office with the new edition of the Constitution. 

4 December 2018 image

Quality of Democracy of Georgia 1990-2017

Assessing democracy as a form of governance has always been widely disputable among practitioners and law scientists. Single system for attributing democratic status to countries does not exist. However, there are different methods that are used to assess quality of democracy and to make a ranking of democratic states throughout the world. V-Dem is among them.

16 November 2018 image

Established Practice of Tbilisi City Court Puts Efficiency of Declaration Monitoring System under Risk

IDFI analysis gives an overview of the lawsuits related to declaration monitoring results and judgments delivered by Tbilisi City Court. Established practice reveals that the Court rules in favor of officials.

6 November 2018 image

Freedom House: Georgia’s Score in Internet Freedom Ranking has Worsened

On November 1, 2018 Freedom House published an annual report on Internet freedom around the world. Georgia obtained a score of 25 out of 100 and was assessed as “Free” in terms of Internet freedom. The country’s score worsened by 1 point compared to 2017.


12 October 2018 image

The Georgian National Anti-Corruption System is Ineffective against High Level Corruption

Over the last few months, Georgia has seen a resurgence of information about possible cases of high level corruption involving current and former public officials. This is a continuation of a long-standing trend in the country, whereby media and non-governmental organizations identify possible corruption cases and either no investigation is conducted or the public is left in the dark about the results, leading to a decrease in public trust towards law enforcement and investigative authorities. 

5 October 2018 image

Tbilisi City Hall Approves Its Second OGP Action Plan (2018-2020)

On October 2, 2018, Tbilisi City Hall approved the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Action Plan for 2018-2020. This is the second action plan approved by Tbilisi under the OGP sub-national pilot program, which includes 14 other cities around the world.

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