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Proactive disclosure of public information is one of the most significant commitments Georgia took within the framework of the Open Government Partnership (OGP). The goal of the commitment is to guarantee proactive accountability and transparency of public institutions.

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Main Gaps and Challenges of Georgia’s Public Data Ecosystem

Public data plays an important role in improving public welfare, modernizing the public sector, and implementing governance reforms.

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Blocked Websites in Georgia: Legal and Practical Analysis

On September 12, 2022 IDFI requested public information from the Georgian National Communications Commission (“Communications Commission” or “Commission”) about the addresses to block internet pages sent to internet-providers from 2017 up to date. 

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Georgia's Implementation of the international sanctions imposed against Russia

As a result of the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation came under significant international sanctions.

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All Constitutional Prerequisites for Pardoning Nika Gvaramia are Present

Tbilisi City Court sentenced Nika Gvaramia to imprisonment on May 16, 2022. On November 2, 2022, the Tbilisi Court of Appeals upheld the decision regarding Nika Gvaramia’s imprisonment.

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The Draft Law Initiated on Anti-Corruption Issues Does not Respond to the 4th Priority of the European Union

IDFI believes that the legislative package fails to respond to the EU recommendation regarding the strengthening of the fight against corruption, especially high-level corruption.

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2023 Draft Budget: Response to the Nation’s Challenges & Recommendations

The main challenge for the country is a bold rethinking of approaches to economic growth and, in general, economic policy. The 2023 draft budget can respond much better to the country's main infrastructural and education challenges, which, according to international experience, is the driver of double-digit economic growth in the medium term.

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Georgia’s Performance in Freedom House’s Internet Freedom on the Net 2022 Ranking

On October 18, 2022, Freedom House published an annual report on Internet freedom around the world. In 2022, Georgia obtained a score of 78 out of 100 and was assessed as “Free” in terms of Internet freedom. The country’s score improved by 1 point compared to 2021. 

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Finances of Russian Citizens in Georgian Commercial Banks

After Russia's invasion in Ukraine, one of the most important challenges for Georgia has been the influx of Russian citizens into the country. IDFI periodically studies and publishes various statistical data related to the border crossing and granting of Russian citizenship in Georgia.

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Analysis and Assessment of the Draft Law on Public Procurement

In June 2022, the draft Law of Georgia on Public Procurement was registered in the Parliament of Georgia.

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