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19 September 2017 image

Procurement of Georgian Public Broadcaster - 2017 trends

The Parliament of Georgia is working on the text of the amendments to the Law of Georgia on Broadcasting. According to the amendments, the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) will be free from the obligations established by the Law on "Public Procurement" when purchasing certain products and services. In case of adoption of the amendment the accountability of the broadcaster will be under question, as well as the quality of public procurement carried out by GPB.

30 August 2017 image

New Draft Law on Remuneration in Public Service Fails to Meet Existing Challenges

Despite positive changes, IDFI believes that the new draft law on remuneration in the public service proposed by Ministry of Finance and the Civil Service Bureau fails to meet existing challenges.

30 June 2017 image

Corruption Risks of the New Amendments Related to the National Bank of Georgia

The Parliament of Georgia discusses amendments to the law on Conflict of Interest and Corruption in Public Service. The draft law was elaborated by the National Bank and initiated by the government of Georgia. The draft law is already approved by the Legal Issues and Budget and Finance Committees.

29 June 2017 image

Civil Service Reform Continues with Delays

The Georgian civil service reform is one of the most important reforms in the field of governance. In addition to being a crucial part of the Georgia – EU Association Agreement, the reform represents a strategic goal of the Georgian Government’s Four Point Plan. However, during the course of reforms, several challenges remain that could negatively affect its successful and effective implementation.


9 June 2017 image

Is Law of Georgia on Occupied Territories Enforced?

After the Russian-Georgian war of August 2008, and the recognition of the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia by the Russian Federation, Georgia adopted a Law on Occupied Territories, which limited the ability of foreign citizens to travel and conduct economic activities on the occupied territories. The violation of this law constitutes a criminal offence and is punishable with a fine or imprisonment. 

31 May 2017 image

Parliament Approves Georgia’s Second Open Parliament Action Plan

On May 16, 2017, the Parliament of Georgia approved the Open Parliament Georgia Action Plan 2017-2018. The Action Plan consists of 25 Commitments that aim to increase accountability and transparency of parliamentary activities and ensure citizen participation in lawmaking processes.

25 May 2017 image

Georgia to Launch an Electronic Petition Platform – ICHANGE.GOV.GE

The Georgian government plans to launch an e-petition platform ( in the near future. Through the platform, any Georgian citizen will be able to create an electronic petition and gather signatures; petitions with a sufficient number of signatures will be sent to the government for consideration. 

18 May 2017 image

Congressional Delegation in Georgia: Meeting with President Gamsakhurdia’s Opposition

IDFI continues to publish declassified secret documents from U.S. institutions. This time we present document sent from U.S. Embassy in Moscow to the State Department in September 1991. The document describes meeting of the congressional delegation with the representatives of the opposition.


11 May 2017 image

Statistics on Animal Cruelty in Georgia

Georgia recently saw a number of videos depicting violent treatment of animals spread through social networks and the media. These videos have left the public wondering about whether perpetrators have been held responsible.

28 April 2017 image

IDFI’s Assessment of the Proposed Constitutional Amendments

On April 22, 2017, the Constitutional Commission voted on and approved the draft text of constitutional amendments. The draft constitution includes some positive changes, but also a number of significant shortcomings.


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