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International Anti-Corruption Day: IDFI’s Anti-Corruption Activities and Existing Challenges

International Anti-Corruption Day is celebrated on December 9 every year to raise public awareness of corruption. This day is crucial for governmental institutions and non-governmental organizations, as well as for the whole society, to be reminded that joint cooperation is essential for the prevention of corruption, which in turn is fundamental to achieve progress in terms of Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDG) implementation.

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Georgia’s Anti-Corruption Indexes in 2021

Most of the Anti-Corruption rankings published by international organizations in 2021 indicate that corruption situation in Georgia is worsening.

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Ensuring Personal Data Protection in Cyberspace: Challenges and Needs of Georgia

In Georgia, throughout the past decade, the standards of cybersecurity and protection of personal data have significantly developed at the level of both legislative and practical implementation. The organizational-institutional framework has been established in both fields, knowledge of specialists working in these areas increased, appropriate strategic and legislative frameworks have been created, which, along with the regulation, should create favorable environmental conditions for cyber security and personal data protection development.


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Online Information Manipulation: Experiences, Challenges, and International Practice

Developing effective tools for monitoring large-scale information disseminated online also remains an important challenge in the Georgian context. Usually, for small languages ​​such as Georgian, such tools are rarely available, and existing monitoring tools require considerable human resources and time investment. In addition, the issue of public trust and authority of civil society as one of the most active sectors working against information manipulation, is noteworthy. A low level of trust has a negative impact on the efforts of the civil society sector to reduce the negative effects of information manipulation and disinformation campaigns in society and to prevent the socio-political polarization based on them. Along with the issue of trust, when it comes to mechanisms to combat online information manipulation, the issue of a unified evaluation and monitoring system remains challenging for civil society organizations in the country.

24 November 2021 image

Beneficial Ownership Transparency in Georgia and Visegrad Countries

The right to property is a fundamentally important one, representing one of the cornerstones of any kind of economic relationship, attracting investments, and guaranteeing the further development of the economy in general. However, the right to property is not an absolute right. On the one hand, it is a bearer of broad public social responsibility, and on the other hand, the legal regime of property rights also equips the bearer of such a right with corresponding obligations. In particular, the latter must be governed by domestic as well as international law and fulfill its obligations to other economic entities, organizations, individuals, and the state.

18 November 2021 image

Business Bribery Risk Index 2021

Trace International released new Business Bribery Risk Index on November 17. The organization assessed the risk of business corruption in 194 countries.

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Women in Georgia's mining industry

Protection of women's rights and achieving gender equality is among the world's major challenges and therefore requires effective, result-oriented and positive action by both the state and civil society actors.  

11 November 2021 image

Best European Practice of Public Administration and Georgia

Well-functioning public administration is a prerequisite for transparent and effective democratic governance and the foundation of the functioning of the state. Effective public administration is vital for implementing crucial reforms and reaching the goal of the European integration. 

2 November 2021 image

Georgian Economic Overview - 2021

IDFI launched the periodic review of Georgia’s economy in 2021. The current review covers the state of GDP, external trade, remittances, FDI, exchange rate, budget, and external debt as of the first 9 months of 2021, as well as projections for the coming year.


20 October 2021 image

Georgia’s Ranking in the Rule of Law Index 2021

The purpose of IDFI’s following publication is to review the indicators of the Rule of Law Index in Georgia as of 2021, while comparing them to the previous years, to identify existing challenges, and to reveal underlying tendencies.