29 July 2021 image

COVID-19 and the Georgian Education Sector

Institute for Development Freedom of Information (IDFI) has prepared an overview of current developments and challenges in the education sector of Georgia up to and including June 2021.

26 July 2021 image

Covid-19 related Simplified Public Procurements 2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Georgia, the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) has published 4 research papers regarding Covid-19 related public procurements.

16 July 2021 image

18 months of the fight against the pandemic: Human rights monitoring - Final Report

Constitutional democracy and the rule of law in Georgia face many challenges. Trust towards independent constitutional institutions and the judiciary is significantly low. An issue to be considered is the refusal of opposition parties to enter Parliament.

16 July 2021 image

Monitoring Covid-19 Related Public Spending During the State of Emergency and After - Final Report

After the onset of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the world, including Georgia, began to fight to save the health and lives of its citizens on the one hand, and the country's economy on the other. 

13 July 2021 image

Independent Investigative Mechanism in Georgia – Achievements and Existing Challenges

Establishment of an independent investigative mechanism to ensure an independent, impartial and efficient investigation of crimes committed by law enforcement officials was an important step forward. 

7 July 2021 image

Covert Surveillance in Georgia 2018-2020

The Supreme Court of Georgia prepares a registry of covert investigative actions. The registry holds statistics on covert investigative activities, in particular, on the motions for carrying out covert investigative actions submitted to the court and the court rulings on them.


25 June 2021 image

Representation and Business Trip Expenses in Legal Entities Under Public Law: 2019-2020

As a result of the spread of COVID-19 and the restrictions imposed in its wake, Georgia's GDP decreased by 6.2% in 2020. The economic crisis has also had a major impact on the state budget, increasing spending on healthcare and various types of subsidies. On June 9, 2020, the Ministry of Finance of Georgia submitted a draft amendment to the Law on the State Budget of Georgia for 2020, based on which the maximum reduction of administrative costs aimed at financing the budget deficit was planned.

21 June 2021 image

Spending of Reserve Funds of Local-Self Governments in 2020

The state budget of Georgia includes reserve funds, the purpose of which is to cover unforeseen expenses incurred during the year. As with the state budget, reserve funds are also included as part of the budgets of local self-government units.


1 June 2021 image

Access to Public Information in Georgia 2020

IDFI systematic monitoring has made a significant contribution in identifying key trends and problems in access to public information, implementation of effective public control mechanisms, and development of public sector accountability and open governance.


27 May 2021 image

Brief Overview of Recent Developments in the Field of Personal Data Protection

The global pandemic and related restrictive measures, along with parliamentary election and following political crisis, impacted the personal data protection landscape in Georgia, hindered the expected legislative advancements and fulfillment of GoG's commitments.