9 June 2015 image

Regulating Secret Surveillance in Georgia: 2013-2015

After thousands of shocking cases of illegal surveillance and wiretapping by the government revealed prior to Parliamentary Elections 2012, regulating the issue was one of the main pre-Election promises of the ruling Georgian Dream coalition.

4 June 2015 image

Statistical Information on the Number of Persons Fined by the Patrol Police

In 2014 year patrol police fined 1 316 006 persons. This rate is much higher than it was in 2013.

15 May 2015 image

Reasons Behind the Lack of Transparency of the Ministry of Finance

As it has been revealed, the major part of the information which has been subject to dispute between IDFI and MoF at different instances of courts for one year now, was included in the financial check report of State Audit Office (SAO). The Inconsistencies highlighted in the report confirmed the suspicion of IDFI that the reluctance of the Ministry to disclose the data was motivated by the aim of keeping the information on the inadequacies secret.

7 May 2015 image

Statistics of Persons with Disabilities in Georgia (2015)

According to the provided information by the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs , 118 651 persons with disabilities are registered as recipients of state social assistance by 1 March, 2015 in Georgia that constitutes only 3 percent of total population resided in Georgia (3 729.5) while WTO estimates the global disability prevalence of around 10%.

29 April 2015 image

Statistics of IDP settlements and the number of IDP families provided with accommodation (2009-2015)

The number of internally displaced persons have increased for the last 21 years and therefore, an importance of knowing the general statistics alongside with the outcomes of the projects implemented by the Government is substantial. 

28 April 2015 image

Statistical Information on the Number of Infected with Hiv-aids

IDFI received information from Ministry of Labour Health and Social Affairs on the number of infected with hiv-aids

27 March 2015 image

Signs of Nepotism in GNCC

GNCC does not announce contest on vacant positions and new employees are appointed on free-lance specialists' positions

27 March 2015 image

Open Government Index 2015 – Challenges and Achievements of Georgia

On March 26th 2015 World Justice Project published Open Government Index, according to which Georgia was assessed to score 0.61 out of the maximum index of 1.

3 March 2015 image

Official Statistical Information on the Number of Murders Committed as a Result of Domestic Violence

Official Statistical Information on the Number of Murders Committed as a Result of Domestic Violence.

20 February 2015 image

Access to Public Information in Georgia Report № 6 – Short Summary

See the short summary of our recent report #6 of Access to Public Information in Georgia.