27 March 2015 image

Open Government Index 2015 – Challenges and Achievements of Georgia

On March 26th 2015 World Justice Project published Open Government Index, according to which Georgia was assessed to score 0.61 out of the maximum index of 1.

3 March 2015 image

Official Statistical Information on the Number of Murders Committed as a Result of Domestic Violence

Official Statistical Information on the Number of Murders Committed as a Result of Domestic Violence.

20 February 2015 image

Access to Public Information in Georgia Report № 6 – Short Summary

See the short summary of our recent report #6 of Access to Public Information in Georgia.

29 January 2015 image

Expenses of Tbilisi City Hall 2013-2014

On November 5th, 2014 IDFI requested various public information from Tbilisi City Hall. IDFI welcomes the fact that the City Hall replied to all the requests. 

8 December 2014 image

Internet as Human Right

Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) and Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Georgia held a discussion Internet, as Human Right on Saturday, 6th December, at Multimedia Education Center.
Discussion was related to 25th anniversary of World Wide Web (WWW) and International Day of Human Rights, which is celebrated annually on 10th December.

5 December 2014 image

Freedom House: Georgia is still free in terms of internet freedom

On December 4, 2014 Freedom House published report on internet freedom, assessmenting internet access, censorship, and internet user rights in 65 countries around the world. According to the released measures, Georgia as in 2013 obtained 26 scores out of 100 and consequently, was assessed as “Free” in terms of internet freedom.

2 December 2014 image

There Are Positive Amendments in the Legislation for Aliens Lawfully Staying in Georgia

On the 26th of November amendment to the law on the Legal Status of Aliens and Stateless Persons went into force. The recently adopted amendments to the law sets new regulations linked with the issue of immigration visa as well as residence permit. Overall we find that the new amendments to the law should be assessed positively. Moreover the fact that the Government of Georgia has reacted to the concerns highlighted by the aliens as well as by the CSOs should also be welcomed. 

6 November 2014 image

The Number of Motions on Secret Surveillance Has Decreased

The Supreme Court of Georgia has fulfilled the obligations taken under Open Government Partnership (OGP) Action Plan 2014-15 and has proactively published on its official website unprecedented statistics on surveillance.

7 October 2014 image

The Rationale Behind Stricter Visa Regulations in Georgia

Until recently Georgia has exercised one of the most liberal migration policies in the world (visa free stay for up to 360 days, the possibility to apply for the visa on the directly on the border and etc), nevertheless it will not come as a surprise to state that the country has gradually started to adopt restrictive immigration policy. IDFI decided to look into the rationale of amending the migration policy, and on September 12th reffered to the government of Georgia with the FOI request to indicate the international agreements, as well as the research conducted and/or statistical data obtained based on which the reform was conducted. This article based on the official documents received from the government of Georgia, sums up the arguments of adopting a restrictive visa regime in Georgia and informs the reader on the process of adopting the applicable legislation.

6 October 2014 image

Misconducts Linked with the Asset Declarations of Senior Officials

As it is widely known, LEPL Civil Service Bureau is the entity entitled to monitor the timely submission of the asset declaration by senior officials in Georgia.