24 April 2020 image

Covid-19 Related Simplified Tenders

On February 26, 2020, the first case of Covid-19 was reported in Georgia. Since March 21, the state of emergency and curfew were declared, several restrictions were applied including intercity and city mobility restrictions. The following changes had a serious impact on the public procurement process.  The state needs  a quick response against Covid-19, which means that the time required to purchase the necessary goods/services is limited.

24 April 2020 image

Victims of Soviet Repressions in Georgia – Legal Remedies and Their Assessment

To date, modern societies fully recognize the events of mass human rights violations at the territory of the former USSR. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the states took the responsibility to restore the violated rights of their citizens and ensure their legal rehabilitation. Georgia is among these states.

8 April 2020 image

The Importance of Open Data in the Fight against the Pandemic: International Best Practice and Georgia

The virus, known worldwide as COVID-19 originated in the city of Wuhan, China, and quickly spread all over Asia, Europe, and North America. As of today, over 1 million cases have confirmed, and this number continues to rise.

26 March 2020 image

Georgia’s Ranking in the Rule of Law Index 2020

The Rule of Law Index of the World Justice Project is the database which constitutes a major source for assessing the state of the rule of law in different countries around the globe. The Rule of Law Index is based on the surveys of experts, general public, legal practitioners, and is a reliable source for many organizations and stakeholders.

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Worldwide Governance Indicators – Georgia in the World Bank Rating 2019

According to the World Bank data, Georgia obtained the highest assessment in governance indicators in 2014. Prior to this date Indicators of Georgia had been rising steadily and rapidly. However, the pace of the county’s development significantly slowed down since 2014.

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Extent of SDGs Integration in the National Public Policy System of Georgia

Nationalizing all 17 Sustainable Development Goals and relevant targets constitute a declared policy of the Government of Georgia. The given analysis aims at ascertaining to what extent existing national policy documents contain obligations in line with SDG indicators. The evaluation will assist the GoG to identify challenges and take relevant steps in regards to nationalizing specific SDGs.


9 August 2019 image

Regulating Inadmissible Content – What does the Constitutional Court decision of 2 August 2019 Change

Freedom of expression is a mandatory precondition for the establishment of a democratic State.  Self-actualization of individuals and the development of society becomes impossible without the freedom of expression. Given the role and importance of the freedom of expression in the rule of law, there is a need of creating a legislative framework that allows free exchange of opinions and information.

6 August 2019 image

Cruel and Ill Treatment of Animals in Georgia

IDFI studied the legislation on animal protection in Georgia and the state of its implementation. For this purpose, IDFI requested public information from relevant state institutions. In addition, IDFI researched international regulations on the subject and got acquainted with the practice of the countries which excel in regards to high animal welfare standards. 

12 July 2019 image

70% of Recommendations Received by Georgia from GRECO about Corruption Prevention Remain not Fully Implemented

According to the report, from 16 Recommendations on corruption prevention, Georgia has implemented satisfactorily only five of them, three recommendations have not been implemented and eight recommendations – partly implemented.


11 July 2019 image

Public Administration Reform Action Plan does not Respond to the Existing Challenges

In June, 2019, the Government of Georgia approved new Action Plan 2019-2020 for Public Administration Reform (PAR)with the purpose to implement the goals of the Public Administration Reform Roadmap 2020.