10 May 2016 image

State Awards Issued by Georgian Presidents in 2003-2015

IDFI requested public information from the President’s Administration on state awards and found that the Georgian Presidents had issued 11,595 awards in 2003-2015, including 5,525 Orders of Honor, 2,541 - Medals of Honor, and 1,160 Medals of Military Courage. The largest number of awards was issued in the final years of Mikheil Saakashvili’s presidency, 2,681 in 2012 and 1,926 in 2013.

27 April 2016 image

OGP Georgia Action Plan for 2014-2015 – Completed and Unfulfilled Commitments

Georgia has recently started working on its third Open Government Action Plan, while it has yet to complete the main commitments of the second one. The study presents the reasons why second Action Plan commitments were not met, possible consequences and recommendations to be considered in the future.


24 March 2016 image

Recent Amendments to the Legislation Greatly Complicate Monitoring of Security Liaison Officers

On the 27th of October an amendment was made to the Georgian legislation, which highlights that public access will be restricted to the asset declarations of those high-ranking public officials the position of which has been classified as secret information according to the Law on State Secrecy.

11 March 2016 image

Analysis of Civil Service Reform in Georgia

The article aims to critically assess the draft law on Civil Servvice Reform initiated by the Government of Georgia on July 9, 2015, which was adopted on September 27, 2015. The article also analyses the compatibility of the planned changes with the goals of the reform.

7 March 2016 image

Governance Data Alliance - Assessing Georgia in 2015

Governance Data Alliance publihes various governance data anually and tries to advance democratic governance reforms in countries. We assess various indicators about Georgia and compare them to the indicators of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova and Estonia. 


22 February 2016 image

Family Support Policy – EU Member States and Georgia

Research aims to study family support policy in EU member countries 

5 February 2016 image

Results of the Lack of Transparency in State Owned LTDs

Results of the Lack of Transparency in State Owned LTDs - United Water Supply of Georgia

22 January 2016 image

Analysis of Pension System Reform

One of the main goals of the ongoing economic transformation undertaken by the government of Georgia is to develop a modern, inclusive, liberal economy in Georgia, which will be competitive in the global economic system. Pension system reform is an integral part of this transformation, due to its prominent financial and social importance.

21 January 2016 image

Georgian Citizens Detained by Russian Occupational Troops in 2015

Statistical information on the number of Georgian citizens detained by Russian Occupational Troops in 2015. 

27 December 2015 image

International Financial Grants Allocated for Georgia in the 1995-2015 Time Period

On December 4th 2015, IDFI requested information from the Ministry of Finance regarding gratuitous financial support to Georgia since independence from various states and organizations. According to information provided by the Ministry of Finance, the total sum of grants Georgia received from states and organizations in the years 1995-2015 equals $2 071 470 000 USD.