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11 July 2022 image

Problems of judicial control over access to public information

Access to public information is one of the main mechanisms to conduct public control over state government in a legal and democratic state and to improve open and effective governance.

3 May 2022 image

The Overview of the Censorship of the Georgian Press and Print Media

The fight against censorship and for the freedom of speech counts centuries. One of the most ancient cases of censorship is related to the philosopher, Socrates who was sentenced to death in 333 BC for spreading the ideas among the youth that opposed his contemporary moral and political code.

2 May 2022 image

Celebrating May 9 in Russia

After the invasion of Ukraine, the celebration of Victory Day on May 9 has taken a special significance in the Russian Federation, as Russian propaganda seeks to adapt the narrative of victory over Nazi Germany to modern times. 

4 April 2022 image

Tendencies of Russian Disinformation in Georgia Along with the War in Ukraine

September 27 -  The Kremlin stated that any expansion of NATO military infrastructure in Ukraine would cross one of President Vladimir Putin's "red lines", while Belarus said that  it had agreed with Moscow to take action against NATO's expansion.


23 January 2022 image

Digital Services as a Mean of Direct Interaction between the State, Business, and Citizens on the Example of MY.GOV.GE

Prior to the creation of the Unified Portal of E-Services (MY.GOV.GE) in Georgia, government agencies more or less provided information to citizens and businesses about the services offered by them, in most cases, on-site services were required, often from one agency to another, so it was difficult for citizens to identify the relevant agency and service.

22 January 2022 image

Challenges of Political Funding Accountability and Transparency in Georgia

Every state that understands the role of sound election processes and strong political actors in the process of building representative democracy needs to support the principles of political accountability and transparency, the latter being an important indicator of confidence in political systems.


22 January 2022 image

Challenges of Civil Service and its Policy in the Public Administration System of Georgia

The Georgian civil service system and state civil service policy are based on a career-based model. This means that a civil servant should grow by position and professionally over a certain period along with the implementation of the activities.

13 December 2021 image

What should we expect from OGP Global Summit 2021?

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) Partnership is a global multi-stakeholder initiative (MSI) that serves as a collective governance mechanism for national governments and their publics to create commitments towards transparency and accountability reforms and tracks implementation.

20 October 2021 image

Effects of Manipulation of Information Online: Who Should Develop and Implement the Necessary Mechanisms

In recent years, trends of information manipulation and propaganda in online spaces have been spreading with unprecedented speed and constant alterations of strategy. 

6 October 2021 image

Regress of the Government of Georgia towards Implementation of OGP Principles

Although generally the executive branches of the Partnership member states are particularly active towards OGP implementation, Georgian government's participation has backslidden over the past few years and at present has almost stalled.

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