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16 September 2021 image

Violation of the Right to Privacy - a Systemic Challenge for Georgia

The experience of recent years, especially the information spread a few days ago about the alleged facts of mass interception, clearly shows that covert surveillance is a systemic challenge for Georgia. 

13 May 2021 image

Pilot Project of the State Broadband Infrastructure Program in Ozurgeti

In 2018, Article 17 of the updated Constitution of Georgia received a new amendment, according to which "everyone has the right to access the Internet and use the Internet freely". As such, the amendment means that the state has a positive obligation to make the Internet widely available. IDFI actively advocated for this amendment to the Constitution of Georgia.


10 February 2021 image

Guðmundur Andri Ástráðsson v. Iceland: Breach of Domestic Law on Judicial Appointments Violated the Right to a Fair Trial

The case of Guðmundur Andri Ástráðsson v. Icelanddecided on 1 December 2020, provided the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR or the Court) with an opportunity to refine the concept of a “tribunal established by law”. This case addresses the issue of judicial appointments and the way the irregularities in this process can lead to a violation of the right to a fair trial.


26 November 2020 image

Added Value of the OGP - Outsider Perspective (OGP 2030)

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) was initiated during a period when the need to improve government transparency and openness in addition to enhancing anti-corruption reforms and public engagement was getting stronger.

23 November 2020 image

Were Georgians Beloved in the Soviet Union?

On 27 August 2019, the historian Sergey Bondarenko published an article called “Stalin – Insole, Goat, Hooligan” (“Stalin – stel’ka, kozyol, khaliugan (sic)” in which he presented five different stories of insulting the Great Leader in the 1930s based on criminal case files. 

6 November 2020 image

Independent Anti-Corruption Agency – Effective Way to Fight High Level Corruption

Independence of the institutions fighting corruption is one of the most important standards that ensures effective fight against corruption, accountability, high degree of transparency and, therefore, high level of public trust.


3 September 2020 image

Cyberattack on the Ministry of Health and Russian Trace

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (MIA), on 1 September 2020, a cyberattack was carried out on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Affairs of Georgia from a foreign country. 

2 September 2020 image

The Leading Position of Ukraine in Transparent Public Procurement Rating is under Threat

During the last years, the system of public procurement in Ukraine underwent important changes. One of the main novelties was the creation of an open-source e-tendering system Prozorro.

13 August 2020 image

Russian Sports and Politics

Is there a link between sports and politics? Should we differentiate between sports and politics? What are the links between sports and politics? – from time to time, these questions actualize in different societies.

7 August 2020 image

12 years after the August 2008 War: Russian Disinformation and Real Facts

In 2020, Georgia marks 12th anniversary of the 2008 August War between Russia and Georgia. Similarly to 2008, today, Russian propaganda related to the Russo-Georgian war is active, assuring the population of Russia and Georgia as well as the international community through disinformation that Georgia started the war against the ethnic Ossetians on 8 August 2008 and Russia was “forced” to intervene Georgia in order to “protect” them.

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