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13 August 2020 image

Russian Sports and Politics

Is there a link between sports and politics? Should we differentiate between sports and politics? What are the links between sports and politics? – from time to time, these questions actualize in different societies.

7 August 2020 image

12 years after the August 2008 War: Russian Disinformation and Real Facts

In 2020, Georgia marks 12th anniversary of the 2008 August War between Russia and Georgia. Similarly to 2008, today, Russian propaganda related to the Russo-Georgian war is active, assuring the population of Russia and Georgia as well as the international community through disinformation that Georgia started the war against the ethnic Ossetians on 8 August 2008 and Russia was “forced” to intervene Georgia in order to “protect” them.

15 June 2020 image

Amendments in the Legislature of the Russian Federation during Covid-19

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin has postponed a vote on the constitutional amendments, which was scheduled on 22 April 2020, to an unspecified future date.

11 June 2020 image

Global Overview of Covid-19 Impact on Elections

The postponement of elections can often have long and significant consequences in democratic nations. Particularly at risk are developing countries, where a political decision of this scale has the potential to exacerbate instability. 

26 May 2020 image

Ivane Javakhishvili and the Independence of Georgia

The restoration of Georgia’s independence was preceded by the two important events: the restoration of autocephaly of the Georgian Orthodox Church (12 March 1917) and the establishment of the Tbilisi State University (26 January 1918).

8 May 2020 image

The Appropriation of Victory Day by the Russian Propaganda

lthough, the European countries celebrate the day of the victory in the Second World War on 8 May, Georgia as well as the post-Soviet countries, excluding the Baltic states, are among those countries that celebrate this day on 9 May.

4 May 2020 image

Perceptions of the Prosecutor’s Office

On January 19, 2020, Studio monitor and Radio Liberty released an investigative journalism film called “The Winner’s Justice.” It focused on accusations that prosecutors had not investigated the seizure of a luxury watch shop, the Albatros, from businessman David Begiashvili in 2011.  

3 May 2020 image

The Overview of the Censorship of the Georgian Press and Print Media

The fight against censorship and for the freedom of speech counts centuries. One of the most ancient cases of censorship is related to the philosopher, Socrates who was sentenced to death in 333 BC for spreading the ideas among the youth that opposed his contemporary moral and political code. 

28 April 2020 image

Russian Propaganda and COVID-19 – Should Georgia Expand Trade Relations with Russia?

On 25 March, “Georgia and the World” ( published an article “The Living Artery of Georgia Lays on Russia”. It is argued in the article that due to the Coronavirus crisis, the European countries will not be able to provide Georgia with the products that they took to export until now and, for this, it is necessary to start the talks about expanding Georgia’s trade relations with Russia.

29 March 2020 image

Appointment of Supreme Court Justices: What people in Georgia know and think about the process

In the beginning of September 2019, the High Council of Justice provided a list of 20 Supreme Court Justice candidates to the Parliament of Georgia for approval. In September-November 2020 parliament conducted the hearing process for candidates, and on December 12th 2020 14 candidates were appointed to Supreme Court.