11 April 2018 image

Medical Care Expenses of Patients Living in the Occupied Territories

IDFI requested public information from the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs regarding statistical data of 2014-2017, on patients living in the occupied territories, receiving stationary services provided by the medical institutions of Georgia. The ministry has fully provided requested information.

31 March 2018 image

Comparative Analyses of Public Procurement Legislation and Practice in Eastern Partnership Countries

The purpose of this comparative analysis prepared by IDFI is to show parallel trends and shared characteristics of public procurement systems in EaP countries, including the best practices.

30 March 2018 image

Access to Public Information in Georgia-2017 Report

Within the framework of monitoring conducted by IDFI in 2010-2017 a total of45 310Freedom of Information (FOI) requests were sent to public institutions, and 37 511  replies were received.

28 March 2018 image

In 2017-2018 the Rule of Law Situation in Georgia has Worsened in Georgia

The goal of the comparative analysis prepared by IDFI is to review the results of Georgia from 2012 to-date based on the data provided by the World Justice Project, ascertain progress or lack thereof in certain directions and compare the result of Georgia to Eastern European and Central Asian countries.  


16 March 2018 image

Data Analysis on Persons with Disabilities Living in Georgia

Persons with disabilities (PwD) are one of the largest groups in the world among the minorities who are neglected and discriminated against by the public or the state.

14 March 2018 image

Georgia Failed to Implement Most of the Anti-Corruption Recommendations Issued by OECD-ACN in 2017

In February 2018, Anti-Corruption Network of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD-ACN) published its first progress report on anticorruption recommendations it issued for Georgia in its Fourth Round Monitoring Report. Of the 22 total recommendations, only two showed significant progress, 10 were assessed as having some progress, while the remaining 10 lacked progress of any kind.

19 September 2017 image

Procurement of Georgian Public Broadcaster - 2017 trends

The Parliament of Georgia is working on the text of the amendments to the Law of Georgia on Broadcasting. According to the amendments, the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) will be free from the obligations established by the Law on "Public Procurement" when purchasing certain products and services. In case of adoption of the amendment the accountability of the broadcaster will be under question, as well as the quality of public procurement carried out by GPB.

30 August 2017 image

New Draft Law on Remuneration in Public Service Fails to Meet Existing Challenges

Despite positive changes, IDFI believes that the new draft law on remuneration in the public service proposed by Ministry of Finance and the Civil Service Bureau fails to meet existing challenges.

30 June 2017 image

Corruption Risks of the New Amendments Related to the National Bank of Georgia

The Parliament of Georgia discusses amendments to the law on Conflict of Interest and Corruption in Public Service. The draft law was elaborated by the National Bank and initiated by the government of Georgia. The draft law is already approved by the Legal Issues and Budget and Finance Committees.

29 June 2017 image

Civil Service Reform Continues with Delays

The Georgian civil service reform is one of the most important reforms in the field of governance. In addition to being a crucial part of the Georgia – EU Association Agreement, the reform represents a strategic goal of the Georgian Government’s Four Point Plan. However, during the course of reforms, several challenges remain that could negatively affect its successful and effective implementation.