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4 September 2018 image

Suspicious Procurement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

In 2017, the Government of Georgia granted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 737,000 GEL (Ordinance N1616, 03.08.17) with the right to use the funds for procuring services related to project design, expertise and sustainability research of building located at Leonidze str. #3.

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TPPRnews - Issue I

IDFI is pleased to share its e-Newsletter called - TPPRnews that contains updates on the latest developments and research in the public procurement sphere around the globe. TPPRnews is issued with the support from the Open Society Institute Budapest Foundation and the Hivos.  

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Grants Provided to Public Institutions and State Budget of Georgia: 1995-2017

In 1995-2017, the amount of financial assistance provided to Georgia's public institutions freely comprises a total of 2,4 billion US dollars. The largest share of free financial assistance was provided to Georgia by the Unites States, while among international organizations it was the European Union. In 1995-2017, state agencies received targeted financial assistance and grants from various donor organizations–221,34 million US dollars. 

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Expenditures of the Contingency Fund of the Government of Georgia: 2013-2017

IDFI's study on expenditures of the contingency fund of the Government of Georgia revealed the following tendencies: From 2013 to 2017, a total of more than 595 million GEL was spent from the contingency fund of GoG. In this period, the most funds were spent in 2016 – more than 172 million GEL; The size of the contingency fund increased by a minimum of 80% on an annual basis when compared to the planned budget; etc. 

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Transforming Public Procurement as an Effective Instrument for Making Governments Accountable & Transparent

On July 2019, Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) organized a fishbowl discussion related to public procurement at the 5th Open Government Partnership (OGP) Global Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia – July 17-18.


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Expenditures of the Contingency Fund of the Government of Georgia: 2013-2017

Every year contingency funds are created to cover unforeseen expenses within the framework of the national budget of Georgia. Given its nature, the resources of the contingency funds should be used in emergency situations, such as natural, epidemic, ecological and other kinds of disasters.  

31 May 2018 image

Patients Funded for Overseas Treatment in 2015-2017

In 2015-2017, a total of 1,191 patients were provided funding for overseas treatment from the state budget, with 14.4 million GEL spent; In 2015-2017, the largest share of patients (35%) funded for overseas treatment were seeking treatment for oncological problems; In 2015-2017, on average the largest amount of funds (18 867,5 GEL) was allocated to treatment of patients of liver and kidney pathology (transplants), while the smallest amount of funds was spent on the treatment of ophthalmology. 

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Mortgaged Real Estate Sales Indicators in 2017

In 2017, the National Bureau of Enforcement sold 1,695 pieces of real estate, among these 1,258 constituted residential areas; Among the indicators for the sales of mortgaged real estate, the largest shares of creditors were represented by natural persons (649 cases) and commercial banks (625 cases).  

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Results of the Hepatitis C State Program

In the “State Program for Control over Hepatitis C” from ეnactment up to October 2017, up to 43,000 persons registered, up to 42,000 patients engaged, more than 36,000 patients completed.

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TPPR Methodology

The TPPR Methodology prepared by IDFI is envisioned to be a universal methodology for assessing public procurement legislations (PPLs) with the ultimate goal of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of legal frameworks and their enforcement.