20 September 2019 image

Extent of SDGs Integration in the National Public Policy System of Georgia

Nationalizing all 17 Sustainable Development Goals and relevant targets constitute a declared policy of the Government of Georgia. The given analysis aims at ascertaining to what extent existing national policy documents contain obligations in line with SDG indicators. The evaluation will assist the GoG to identify challenges and take relevant steps in regards to nationalizing specific SDGs.


20 August 2019 image

Engaging Civil Society Organizations in Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals

“Leaving no one behind” is the central principle of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Cooperation and inclusion are key concepts in its implementation, which can be achieved through effective engagement with civil society organizations (CSOs) and NGOs.

23 July 2019 image

IDFI Published a Study on Possible Risks of Corruption in the National Wrestling Federation of Georgia

Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) published a study on 2015-2018 expenditures and related corruption risks at the National Wrestling Federation of Georgia. 

26 June 2019 image

Role of the Judges in the Criminal Justice System - The Results of a Qualitative Study

The study aimed to identify the issues in regard to the role of judges that legal professionals (judges and lawyers) find important for ensuring fair, impartial and human rights oriented criminal justice system. 

8 May 2019 image

Compliance with Procedural Time Limits for Considering Cases and Preparing Judgments in Tbilisi City Court - Practice of 2015-2018

The excessive caseload of common courts of Georgia has been a significant challenge for years. Procedural delays in case processing pose a risk of violating the right to a fair hearing within a reasonable period - the right to a fair trial. In addition, the abundance of cases may have an impact on the quality of judgments and their justification.

18 April 2019 image

Problems Identified in the Judges’ Professional Training System Suggest that Comprehensive Reform of the High School of Justice is Needed

International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) and Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) presented the research on the Judges’ Professional Training System in Georgia. The research provides an overview of the institutional arrangement of the High School of Justice of Georgia (HSoJ) and main challenges related to its work.

24 January 2019 image

Recommendations Regarding Criteria and Procedures for the Selection of the Supreme Court Justices

Coalition for and Independent and Transparent Judiciary submitted recommendations regarding criteria and procedures for the selection of the Supreme Court justices to the Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia, Chair of the Fourth Wave Judicial Reform Working Group.

24 January 2019 image

Discussion about Professional Development of Civil Servants: Challenges & Opportunities

Professional development of civil servants in Georgia and the role of educational institutions in this process were the focus of a discussion on 24 January 2019 attended by the international experts and representatives of the Georgian ministries, training centres and civil society.

26 December 2018 image

Comparative Analysis of Public Procurement Legislations in the Countries of Eurasian Region

The purpose of this comparative analysis prepared by IDFI is to show parallel trends and shared characteristics of public procurement systems in Eurasian Region, including the best practices. 

21 December 2018 image

Implementation of the Judicial Strategy and the Action Plan

The report prepared by IDFI and EMC analyzes implementation of the activities of the Judicial Strategy and Action Plan (developed based on the requirements of EU-Georgia association agenda) which deal with the most compelling and pressing issues of the judicial system reform.