IDFI Submitted Opinion regarding the New Strategy for the Protection of Human Rights

News | Rule of Law and Human Rights | Pressing Issues | Policy Document 3 April 2020

In March 2020, the Government of Georgia initiated the process of developing a new Strategy for the Protection of Human rights.  Within the scope of this initiative, “Institute for Development of Freedom of Information” submitted to the government opinions and recommendations regarding main directions and objectives that should be part of the strategy.


The National Strategy for the Protection of Human Rights sets out Georgian government’s long-term priorities and objectives, which should ensure implementation of human rights-based policy and strengthening the rule of law.  Given the long-term nature of the Strategy, it should encompass a broad vision of strengthening human rights that will lead to real and tangible results in the process of implementing constitutional principles in practice.


IDFI’s opinions and recommendations address the following key issues:


1)     Right to a fair trial;


2)     Freedom of expression/access to information;


3)     Right to privacy;


4)     Independence of the prosecution service;


5)     Right to equality;


6)     Combating violence against women and domestic violence.   



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