3 September 2014 image

The Workshop of Experts from the OGP Countries Is opened in The Hague

Workshop with participation of experts from OGP Countries is being hosted by Netherlands, in Hague.

12 August 2014 image

Data from Guria region for 2013

Various public informations received from local authorities of Guria are now accessible on Provided information concerns various expenses of the local authorities, the list of vehicles on balance and replaced ones 2013 audit acts (internal, external, state and non-state) and the list of actions carried out for improving breaches and faults revealed by controlling agencies; diplomas of higher education of heads and deputy heads of Municipal boards and Municipal councils as well as electronic business-related correspondence.

7 August 2014 image

Georgia Elected as Member of OGP Steering Committee

This year, for the first time after 2011 OGP steering committee was elected by the member states. 11 states had been competing for 8 seats, including Georgia. The results of the elections, which took place on July 30, had been declared on August 4. USA, Brazil, UK, Philippines and Tanzania got re-elected, while Georgia, Croatia and France joined the committee for the first time.

5 August 2014 image

2014-15 Action Plan and the Recommendations Elaborated by the Non-governmental Organizations

Georgia joined the global initiative of Open Government Partnership in September of 2011. Within almost three years Georgia managed to adopt and implement the first Action Plan (2012-13), participate in the OGP Steering Committee elections and adopt the second Action Plan (2014-15)

16 July 2014 image

OGP Steering Committee Elections and Georgia

Open Government Partnership Steering Committee is comprised of the representatives of the governments and civil society, who are working in close coordination with the aim of preserving the high standards of OGP and long-term sustainable development. This year, for the first time after 2011, OGP steering committee will be elected through voting among the member states. Georgia is one of those 11 countries, seeking the Steering Committee membership.

8 July 2014 image

Networked Readiness Index 2014: Georgia Among the Rising Star Countries

Development and effective usage of modern technologies is important for economic growth of any country. Document “Global Information Technology Report 2014”, released by World Economic Forum

27 June 2014 image

What is the content of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement?

Today the EU-Georgia Association Agreement was signed. The negotiations between the parties on the text of the agreement had been under way for three years. Nevertheless, the agreement will obviously not come into force straight after the signature

25 June 2014 image

Brief Assessment of Whistle-blower Legislation in Georgia

In April 2014 amendments were made to the legislation regulating the whistle blower protection issues in Georgia. Number of the recommendations that IDFI had been advocating for already in February this year were taken into consideration. Nevertheless many important topics are still left out of the legislation.

19 June 2014 image

OGP Forum Member Organizations appeal to the Chairman of the Supreme Court of Georgia Konstantine Kublashvili

Appeal of the OGP Forum Member Organizations to the Chairman of the Supreme Court of Georgia

Konstantine Kublashvili

6 June 2014 image

Open Government Partnership Forum Meeting at Vere Palace

On June 6, hotel “Vere Palace” hosted the OGP forum meeting, held within the frames of the Anti-Corruption Council. The meeting was attended by the representatives of government, parliament and NGO sector. Meeting aimed at discussing the commitments taken under the 2014-15 action plan according to the recommendations, elaborated by the NGOs and comments, provided by the steering committee of OGP.