7 November 2014 image

New Right to Information Law in Albania

On September 18th 2014 Albania adopted the new Freedom of Information Law, which replaced the legal act applicable in the country from 1999. The New Right to Information Law of Albania, is assessed by many experts as one of the most important steps taken towards transparency and accountability, bringing the legislation in line with the best international standards in the region and beyond. The most important changes introduced by the new legislation are listed in the post. 

31 October 2014 image

The Number of Officials Prosecuted for Illegal Wiretapping is Still Unknown

In the year of 2014 IDFI has referred to the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia, Investigations Service of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the request to provide us with the information on the number of investigations launched on the bases of articles 158 and 159 of the Criminal Code of Georgia. For the detailed ifnormation on  the responces received please reffer to the full text of the post. 

27 October 2014 image

Access to Information Rating at Georgian State Universities

In October 2013 IDFI renewed its project Public Information Database – with the financial support of Open Society Foundation Georgia. Within the auspices of the current project, IDFI has undertaken to assess the access to information practice in different public entities in Georgia. Similar to the activities performed during the previous project, IDFI continues to request information from public entities and assess their rating of access to information.
At this point, IDFI presents its research on the topic of access to information at state universities of Georgia.

16 October 2014 image

Georgian Parliament Renovation Costs

According to amendments made to Georgian constitution in 2009, Kutaisi has been named as the parliamentary city.

9 October 2014 image

Seminar on OGP with Journalists

IDFI and Ministry of Justice of Georgia calls journalists for participation in OGP workshop, which will be held on 11th of October at 12:00 (Club FrontLine Georgia, Lado Asatiani Street #62.

7 October 2014 image

The Rationale Behind Stricter Visa Regulations in Georgia

Until recently Georgia has exercised one of the most liberal migration policies in the world (visa free stay for up to 360 days, the possibility to apply for the visa on the directly on the border and etc), nevertheless it will not come as a surprise to state that the country has gradually started to adopt restrictive immigration policy. IDFI decided to look into the rationale of amending the migration policy, and on September 12th reffered to the government of Georgia with the FOI request to indicate the international agreements, as well as the research conducted and/or statistical data obtained based on which the reform was conducted. This article based on the official documents received from the government of Georgia, sums up the arguments of adopting a restrictive visa regime in Georgia and informs the reader on the process of adopting the applicable legislation.

3 October 2014 image

Government of Georgia Decree on OGP National Action Plan (2014-2015)

On September 18th, 2014, the Government of Georgia published the Decree (#557) about National Action Plan of OGP (2014-2015). The Action Plan comprises 27 commitments to be implemented by 16 responsible agencies until the end of 2015.

2 October 2014 image

Workshop with TSU Students about OGP

Institute for development of Freedom of information (IDFI) held a workshop with students of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

30 September 2014 image

Access to Public Information in LEPLs and State Sub-Agencies in Georgia - Report of 2013-2014

In may 2014 IDFI has published the report on the Access to Public Information in Central Public Institutions of Georgia (The Parliament, The Chancellery of the Government of Georgia, the Administration of the President of Georgia, ministries, offices of state ministers, the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, the Administration of South Ossetia, the Autonomous Republic of Adjara and its ministries) covering the period of October 2013 – March 2014. At this stage we present the report on the Access to Public Information in legal entities of public law, state sub-agencies and other public entities (80 public entities in all) for the period of October 2013 – July 2014.

24 September 2014 image

Giorgi Kldiashvili will Participate in the Meeting Organized by OGP in New York

Giorgi Kldishvili, the director of Institute for Development of Freedom of information (IDFI) will participate in the talk show with global civil society leaders organized by Open Government Partnership (OGP) with Ford Foundation. The meeting will be held on September 24, at the head office of the Ford Foundation in New York.