Advocacy activities carried out by IDFI in 2014

Advocacy 28 April 2014

Based on the accumulated experience, in order to improve existing practice and achieve changes, experts from IDFI are actively engaged in lawmaking process concerning issues of freedom of information, development of media and internet, also personal data protection and public policy. Experts of the Institute offer their own opinions and legislative proposals to the government and broader society. The main strategies of the organization for advocating recommendations and opinions are as follows:

  • Negotiations, consultations and meetings with various stakeholders, including representatives from the media, non-governmental sector, state institutions and business.
  • Holding conferences and presentations;
  • Spreading statements and introducing positions to broader society;
  • Establishing network coalitions;
  • Working out recommendations and introducing them to various branches of the government;
  • Initiating draft laws;
  • Holding information campaigns and attracting supporters.

We believe that success of advocacy campaign depends on effective and right strategy of communication with state institutions. However, it is also of big significance to involve in this process civil sector and stakeholders, which will increase chances of success of the initiated campaign. 

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