Presentation on the concept of new web-portal of Tbilisi City Hall

News | FIGHTING CORRUPTION | Publications | Article 23 December 2014

On 23rd of December, IDFI with the support of Open Society Georgia and Tbilisi City Hall has organized a presentation within the project of “Concept for the New Web-Page of Tbilisi City Hall” at Courtyard Marriott Tbilisi. The survey about international practice of the foreign countries municipalities for creating and implemented web-portals as well as the new concept for web-page of Tbilisi City Hall was presented to the Mayor of Tbilisi City Hall- Davit Narmania and other district governors.

“Tbilisi City Hall, as a system of public body should be transparent and accountable to every citizen. On the first stage, transparency and accountability could be achieved through creating a modern and citizen-oriented informational web-system. Thus, we fully expressed readiness to commence this project with IDFI and Open Society of Georgia that will enable us to create one of the modern and transparency-oriented portal. We also took the initiative to proactively disclose the information in order to meet the Open Government Partnership commitments. We are committed to disclose information about budget, procurements and etc”. –said David Narmania the Mayor of Tbilisi City Hall.


According to the concept, new web-page will have the following features:


  •  Will be adapted for disabled persons.
  •  Will combine the current information about municipalities, commercial entities and non-commercial legal persons in a single system.
  •  Mayor page: Schedule, Mayor’s blog, possibilities of contacts.
  •  Information about the Mayor, its deputies and the other administration employees.
  •  Petition page: petition uploading, joining and mobilizing supporters.

  •  Citizens’ connection to the City Hall: participation in polls, evaluation the work of City Hall including municipalities, possibility of supplying n  information: possibility of uploading Photo-Video Material on web-page and etc.
  •  List of existing social services for citizens.
  •  Information for job-seekers.
  •  Information for those interested in starting a business – permissions, licenses and registration as well as taxes and fees.
  • Communication possibilities: Contact to a mayor, public consultations, opportunity for participation in budget planning and etc. 


Due to the fact that municipalities do not have their own web-pages, people have to contact City Hall in order to get some information.
“Portal is not a web-page, since it concerns to different content where every structural entity will have its own sub-page and will have an opportunity to publish information within one frame” – said Levan Avalishvili


As it was stated by Levan Avalishvili, “the new concept itself is a large scale but firstly, what is crucial means to have a strategy for implementing the plan”.
Representatives of City Hall stated their views and opinions as well as shared recommendations.





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