Memory and Disinformation Studies

11 October 2019 image

Stalinism in Soviet Schools and the Pupils' Case

After Stalin became the leader of the Soviet Union, speedy reforms of the Soviet schools and educational system began. Since the day of its foundation, USSR had been endeavoring to create a centralized educational system which would be based on the Marxist principles and would bring up the new Soviet citizens according to the Communist ideals. During Stalin’s rule, these processes achieved a whole new level and similarly to the other spheres, became a subject to totalitarian control.

2 October 2019 image

On the Mass Burial Site of the Victims of the Soviet Repressions Discovered in Batumi

Studies of the stories of the repressed persons, their proper commemoration and immortalization is an important and urgent issue in the post-Soviet region. 

4 September 2019 image

Parliament of Georgia Discussed IDFI’s Legislative Proposal on Archival Openness

On 30 August 2019, at the session of the Legal Issues Committee, the Parliament of Georgia discussed the legislative proposal on the amendments in the laws on the National Archival Fund and the National Archives and on the Personal Data Protection presented by the Executive Director of the nonprofit organization Institute for Development of Freedom of Information, Giorgi Kldiashvili (N1-7153/19; 10.04.2019).

1 July 2019 image

Tbilisi City Court Fully Granted the Appeal of IDFI against the National Archives of Georgia

In the decision of April 4, 2019, the Tbilisi City Court fully granted the appeal of the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) against the National Archives of Georgia – LEPL of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. The court ordered the respondent party to disclose information on the number of applications received with the request of accessing archival documents and relevant decisions taken. The National Archives of Georgia was directed to disclose the information even though they did not process the statistical data requested by IDFI.

31 May 2019 image

IDFI Opened Memorial Plates in Kaspi Municipality

IDFI in cooperation with the Kaspi Municipality opened  memorial plates in honor of theMembers of the National Councils and the Constituent Assembly of the First Democratic Republic of Georgia: Leo and Grigol Natadze, Nikoloz Katsiashvili and Revaz Gabashvili in the central square of KaspiMunicipality.

29 May 2019 image

IDFI's Informational Meeting with the Pupils of Kaspi Public School

Head of Archival and Soviet Studies at IDFI Anton Vacharadze presented about the First Democratic Republic of Georgia and Sovietization. He spoke about the events of 100 years ago, as a result of which the Democratic Republic of Georgia ceased to exist and the country became part of the Soviet Union. 

13 May 2019 image

Memorial Boards of Nikoloz (Karlo) Chkheidze and Konstantine Gvarjaladze

IDFI is implementing several projects aimed at raising awareness about the Democratic Republic of Georgia and commemorating the 100th anniversary of its creation. One such project involves publishing a memorial album featuring Nikoloz (Karlo) Chkheidze, a prominent politician of the time.

23 April 2019 image

Increasing Transparency of Archival Documents in Georgia – Legislative Proposal of IDFI

Although transparency and accountability constitute declared proprieties on the political agenda of the Government of Georgia, the country still stands considerably behind in regards with access to historical archives as compared to other Eastern European states.

9 April 2019 image

Mass Graves of Victims of Soviet Repression in Georgia

Identification of burials and remains of the victims of the Soviet-era terror is a demanding challenge for the post-Soviet countries. Many of these countries have started searching for such burial sites not at all recently, several mass burial sites have already been found and these countries have paid tribute to the repressed. There was no such precedent in Georgia as of yet, the search for burial sites and graves in the 1990s were largely in vain due to the destruction of archives and lack of information.

28 February 2019 image

International Research Institute CEVRO Published IDFI's Articles about Transition from Soviet Totalitarian System to Democracy

In 2018, Executive Director of IDFI, Giorgi Kldiashvili, Programs Director Levan Avalishvili and Archives and Soviet Studies Direction Head, Anton Vatcharadze participated in the international project of the of the Policy Studies Institute CEVRO which included the publishing of a collection of articles on the steps taken to establish a democracy from the Soviet authoritarian regime in Georgia.