Memory and Disinformation Studies

27 March 2017 image

Human Rights in Georgia: 1991

The document titled the “1991 Country Human Rights Report for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic” was sent from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow to the State Department. The document discusses political and human rights situation in USSR and its member republics. The August coup and its aftermath, ending of 70-year communist rule, independence of Baltic States, killing innocent civilians in Riga and Vilnius, and Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict is only a short list of topics discussed in the report. Below, IDFI provides information regarding Georgia of that period.

20 March 2017 image

The Letter of President of Georgia Zviad Gamsakhurdia to United States Secretary of State James Baker

IDFI continues to publish declassified documents kept in US archives. This time, we are publishing a letter of the Georgian President Zviad Gamsakhurdia to US Secretary of State James Baker dated December 12, 1991. This letter is a response to the criticism expressed by the US towards President Gamsakhurdia.

25 February 2017 image

February 25, 1921 is the Day of Occupation of the Democratic Republic of Georgia

February 25, 1921 is the day of occupation of the Democratic Republic of Georgia. In order to honor the memory of political prisoners who were arrested and shot in the years following the occupation, IDFI and Society Memorial organized an exhibition in front of the Parliament building titled "Results of Sovietization in Georgia - Photos and Lists of the Repressed". The exhibition presented the lists of prisoners executed in 1921-1924 (1,350 persons) and people arrested by the secret police (‘Cheka’) in 1921-1922 (2,734 persons), letters sent from exile, group photos, and various print material published by prisoners and the repressed, such as newspapers, magazines, dictionaries and mor

27 May 2016 image

IDFI - Classified Document on Georgia's Independence

IDFI congratulates every citizen and supporter of Georgia with the Independence Day. To mark this occasion, we decided to publish a formerly classified document kept in the archives of the USA. This document is an analytical report on the events taking place in Georgia on 24 April 1990, at an early stage of the Georgian independence movement, prepared by the US Directorate of Intelligence.

20 May 2016 image

IDFI - Event in Honor of Georgian Officers Executed by Russian Bolsheviks

On May 20, IDFI in cooperation with Tbilisi City Hall, Ministry of Defense and the Archive of Ministry of Internal Affairs organized an event in honor of Georgian officers executed by Russian Bolsheviks in 1923. The event was opened with the Georgian anthem performed by the Defense Ministry's military orchestra. This was followed by a welcoming speech by IDFI director Giorgi Kldiashvili, who spoke about the contribution of the repressive officers to their homeland and their importance of both the past and the future of Georgia.

7 April 2016 image

IDFI - Confidential Documents on April 9

April 9, 2016, marks 27 years after the tragedy of 1989, when Soviet forces raided a peaceful demonstration in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi.

25 January 2016 image

Failed Lustration Process in Georgia

IDFI has published two studies regarding lustration - what impact will the decision of the Constitutional Court have on the future of the Charter of Freedom and Charter of Freedom and international practice of lustration. 

18 January 2016 image

Georgian Military Officials Executed in 1923

IDFI appealed to Tbilisi City Council and asked to prepare memorial boards to immortalize members of Military Center

4 December 2015 image

What Impact will the Decision of the Constitutional Court have on the Future of the Charter of Freedom

What Impact will the Decision of the Constitutional Court have on the Future of the Charter of Freedom

7 August 2015 image

Information Regarding the 2008 August War Between Russia and Georgia

Regarding the 7th anniversary of Russian-Georgian war, IDFI presents information on diseased and wounded soldiers and civilians, financial and other type of assistance provided to their families, as well as the analysis of the damages caused by the war.