Memory and Disinformation Studies

15 June 2020 image

Amendments in the Legislature of the Russian Federation during Covid-19

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin has postponed a vote on the constitutional amendments, which was scheduled on 22 April 2020, to an unspecified future date.

9 June 2020 image

Allowing Photocopying in the Archives of Georgia – Essential Step toward Enhancing the Openness of Archives

Openness and accountability are democratic principles without which the development of free society is impossible. Access to information, openness of archives and publicity of archival documents are among the achievements of various countries after the collapse of the Soviet Union, which enable them to get known to and rethink their history and totalitarian past.

6 June 2020 image

Diplomatic Relations between the Democratic Republic of Georgia and the Kingdom of Sweden According to the Documents Preserved at the Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden

The main concern of the First Republic of Georgia (1918-1921) was to gain the recognition and support of the European countries, which was not an easy task, considering the political reality of that period and the international developments in Europe.

27 May 2020 image

5G Technology, Russian Disinformation and Coronavirus

In the times when the world is fighting coronavirus pandemic, conspiracy theories about the links between coronavirus and 5G technology have become widespread in social media. Such theories are being spread by nonreliable sources as well as celebrities: singer Keri Hilson, singer M.I.A, boxer Amir Khan, TV host Amanda Holden, actor Woody Harelson and others. 

26 May 2020 image

Ivane Javakhishvili and the Independence of Georgia

The restoration of Georgia’s independence was preceded by the two important events: the restoration of autocephaly of the Georgian Orthodox Church (12 March 1917) and the establishment of the Tbilisi State University (26 January 1918).

26 May 2020 image

Memorial Album of Benjamin (Benia) Chkhikvishvili

The Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) will present the second memorial album dedicated to the distinguished political figure of the First Democratic Republic of Georgia, Benjamin (Benia) Chkhikvishvili, on the occasion of the anniversary of May 26, 2020. The author of the album is director and screenwriter Irakli Makharadze, who previously published books - "Republic of Guria", "The Great Silent", "Georgians in America" ​​and other popular publications. The album presents documents and photographs preserved at the National and MIA archives of Georgia, as well as materials from family collections.


21 May 2020 image

Restriction on Photocopying in the Archives of Georgia


18 May 2020 image

Online Regional Meeting of the Memory Studies Platform - The Sites of Conscience was Held

The Head of Archives, Soviet and Memory Studies Direction at the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI), Anton Vacharadze participated in the online regional meeting of the memory studies platform - The Sites of Conscience.

8 May 2020 image

The Appropriation of Victory Day by the Russian Propaganda

lthough, the European countries celebrate the day of the victory in the Second World War on 8 May, Georgia as well as the post-Soviet countries, excluding the Baltic states, are among those countries that celebrate this day on 9 May.

5 May 2020 image

The Anti-Vaccination Movement and Russian Propaganda

In the times when the world is fighting against the Coronavirus pandemic and looks forward to creating vaccine, the increase of public trust toward the vaccination has a paramount importance. Throughout the centuries, the vaccination has helped the mankind produce immunity against such diseases as measles, rubella, mumps, tuberculosis, tetanus, etc. However, since the day of the invention of vaccine, there have been some people who have been opposing the fighting against diseases through this method due the different reasons.