Open Government

7 September 2015 image

Importance of Real-time Publication by the Parliament of Georgia

Parliament of Georgia should publish its decrees and most importantly, an amendments made to the bill in a timely manner to empower citizens and give them a genuine opportunity to become aware with the executed changes and express their ideas through the appropriate means.

27 August 2015 image

Formats for Publishing Information on the Web-page of the Parliament

The Open Parliament 2015-2016 Action Plan, under the sub-chapter 3.1 Posting Documents on the Website of the Parliament of Georgia in an Editable Format, states that the Parliament of Georgia publishes information on its website in PDF format; this makes it difficult for the user to change the file and generally to manipulate text. Thus, the Action Plan proposes more reader friendly, editable formats such as HTML, MS Word, etc.

19 August 2015 image

Open Parliament Georgia Action Plan 2015-2016

This document represents an Open Parliament Georgia Action Plan which aims to ensure openness of the Parliament and transparency of parliamentary information, and to facilitate citizen engagement in parliamentary work and legislative process in line with the principles of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), and the Declaration on Parliamentary Openness.

13 August 2015 image

Changes in the OGP Steering Committee

On July 22-23, 2015, in South Africa second annual elections took place at the Open Government Partnership Steering Committee meeting. Based on the voting results, new members of the Steering Committee were named: Indonesia, Chile and Romania.

13 August 2015 image

Global Legislative Openness Week

Global Legislative Openness Week is an annual event about transparency and participatory parliament. It is an addition opportunity for government, parliament and civil society representatives to share knowledge and seek new commitments.

29 July 2015 image

Call on EU to join OGP

Access Info Europe, Open Society European Policy Institute and Publish What You Fund prepared a letter calling on Members of the European Parliament to take action so that the European Union institutions join the Open Government Partnership. The letter is open for sign-ons from civil society organisations across Europe and beyond Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) has joined the call.

27 July 2015 image

IDFI is recognized as a supporting organization for the Declaration on Parliamentary Openness

On July 2014 added IDFI to the list of organizations supporting parliamentary openness declaration.  

22 July 2015 image

A new Portal of Tbilisi City Hall - the Move towards Transparent and Open Government

A trial version of a new web-page of Tbilisi municipality – was launched on July 22. The concept of the portal of Tbilisi was prepared by IDFI

17 July 2015 image

The Bureau of the Parliament of Georgia Adopted the Open Parliament Georgia Action Plan

On July 17th, the Bureau of the Parliament of Georgia adopted the Open Parliament Georgia Action Plan.

15 July 2015 image

Parliament of Georgia has finalized working on the Open Parliament Georgia Action Plan

On July the 10th, 2015, Inter-Factional Group of the Parliament of Georgia adopted the Open Parliament Georgia Action Plan. The main purpose of the Action Plan is to ensure the openness of the Parliament in accordance to the principles of Open Governance Partnership (OGP) and Declaration on Parliamentary Openness, transparency of the information provided by the Parliament and to support the increase of citizen’s engagement in parliamentary activities and in the legislative process.