Memory and Disinformation Studies

13 January 2021 image

Interview with the Director of "Memorial", Irina Flige: Study and Commemoration of the Mass Graves of the Victims of Soviet Terror

For acquiring information about international experience, the head of Memory and Disinformation Studies at IDFI, Anton Vatcharadze talked with Irina Flige – human rights advocate and researcher, who has been studying the mass graves of the victims of the Soviet regime since the 1980s.

25 December 2020 image

Evaluation of the Work of the Freedom Charter Committee in 2017-2019

In 2020, IDFI still became interested in the work of the “Freedom Charter” commission in 2017-2019 and addressed to the State Security Service. According to the information received from the State Security Service, in 2017-2019, the commission addressed to the 37 competent persons to eliminate the communist totalitarian and fascist symbols and propaganda (0 cases in 2017, 5 cases in 2018 and 32 cases in 2019).

23 December 2020 image

Online Discussion on the Issues Related to the First Mass Grave of the Victims of the Soviet Regime in Adjara

On 22 December, online discussion regarding issues related to the first mass grave of the victims of the Soviet regime in Adjara, organized by the Institute for Freedom of Information (IDFI) and Society “Memorial” was held.

15 December 2020 image

IDFI Calls for the Prime Minister of Georgia to Increase the Subsidy for the Repressed Individuals in the 2021 State Budget

In the nearest future, the 10th Parliament of Georgia will vote for the Legislative Proposal on the 2021 Budget of Georgia. The increase of the 7 GEL living subsidy for the persons recognized as the victims of political repressions (hereafter: repressed individuals) still is not included in the budget.


7 December 2020 image

Openness of State Archives in Post-Soviet Republics and Eastern Bloc States During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI), in partnership with international scholars, conducted a study within the framework of the “Evaluation of the Openness of State Archives in Post-Soviet Republics and Eastern Bloc States” project in 2019-2020.

1 December 2020 image

Soviet Propaganda and the AIDS Epidemic

Until 1987, the Soviet Union claimed that no cases of infection had been reported on its territory. Doctors were pressured not to diagnose AIDS. In addition, the Soviet Union waged an active information war and blamed the United States for spreading the virus.

23 November 2020 image

Were Georgians Beloved in the Soviet Union?

On 27 August 2019, the historian Sergey Bondarenko published an article called “Stalin – Insole, Goat, Hooligan” (“Stalin – stel’ka, kozyol, khaliugan (sic)” in which he presented five different stories of insulting the Great Leader in the 1930s based on criminal case files. 

20 November 2020 image

Official Documents of 1944 on the Resettlement of the Minorities of Georgia

On November 15, 1944, began the implementation of Order №001176 of the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (НКВД). The Order entailed the forced resettlement of the ethnic and religious groups of “Turks[1], Kurds, and Hemshins (Muslim Armenians) living on the territory of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic”.

17 November 2020 image

Russian Online Media on Pompeo’s Visit to Georgia

On 10 November, it became known that on 17-18 November, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo would visit Georgia. Since then, lots of opinions regarding the objectives of his visit have been expressed. 

10 November 2020 image

The Overview of the Memory Politics of Georgia

In this report, IDFI discussed the memory politics of independent Georgia since 1991, achievements and challenges in the three basic directions – legal dimension, institutional dimension and memorial dimension. Based on the report, it can be argued that there are challenges in the three directions.