22 October 2015 image

Prospects of Bond Market Development

Prospects of Bond Market Development

21 October 2015 image

Broadband Development and Realization of the Goals of Georgia 2020

Broadband Development and Realization of the Goals of Georgia 2020 

20 October 2015 image

Advantages of Georgia's Accession to EU's Energy Community

Joining the EU Energy Community is important for Georgia, both in economic and political terms. Firstly, joining the community would increase the country's transit opportunities, which, in addition to energy security, will bring significant economic advantages. 

19 October 2015 image

Discrepancies in the Process of Appointing Judges Without Competition in August 2015

As in the past years HCoJ used its discretionary power to appoint judges without competition several times during the year of 2015. One of these instances occurred in August, 2015 when the decision to transfer six judges without competition to Tbilisi City Court from other district courts of Georgia was made. With the aim of looking into the process of transfer IDFI sent FOI request to HCoJ and requested various information regarding the HCoJ decision of August 4th, 2015.

16 October 2015 image

Inclusive Economic Growth and Capability Approach - Alternatives for Georgia's Development Policy

According to the social economic development strategy "Georgia 2020", market is the primary driver of the development process. The ideas of the economists, arguing for the inclusive growth and for state's greater role in economy, is practically ignored in the document.  

15 October 2015 image

Restructuring of Georgian Railways

The restructuring of the railway system causes fundamental changes. Fundamental changes require fast organizational learning and effective operation in the environment, which is characterized by ambiguity and significant professional risk. 

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OGP Explorer –Web search engine for OGP commitments

Open Government Partnership has designed and created the OGP Explorer software service that enables the OGP community of civil society, government and academia representatives and journalists to access the wealth of data the OGP has collected.

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Highlights Of Estonian ICT Day At The World Bank And The Future Of E-Government

World Bank headquarters recently hosted a conference named, ‘Estonian ICT Day: Digital Solutions for Sustainable Development’.

13 October 2015 image

The Causes of Creation and Existence of Informal Institutions in Public Sector in Georgia

In post communist states, including Georgia, informal, unlawful relationships are especially strong. This hinders the development of public sector and the society as a whole. 

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Open Government Partnership announced the OGP Government Champions Award

Open Government Partnership team has announced the OGP Government Champions Award. The Award is intended to showcase the ideal co-creation dynamic between the government and civil society while elaborating the National Action Plan. In addition, the award is thought to provide a high-level political visibility to the key actors who have played an immense role in upholding the OGP commitments.