13 August 2015 image

Changes in the OGP Steering Committee

On July 22-23, 2015, in South Africa second annual elections took place at the Open Government Partnership Steering Committee meeting. Based on the voting results, new members of the Steering Committee were named: Indonesia, Chile and Romania.

13 August 2015 image

Global Legislative Openness Week

Global Legislative Openness Week is an annual event about transparency and participatory parliament. It is an addition opportunity for government, parliament and civil society representatives to share knowledge and seek new commitments.

7 August 2015 image

Information Regarding the 2008 August War Between Russia and Georgia

Regarding the 7th anniversary of Russian-Georgian war, IDFI presents information on diseased and wounded soldiers and civilians, financial and other type of assistance provided to their families, as well as the analysis of the damages caused by the war.

6 August 2015 image

Appellate Court Decision on The Case of IDFI vs. MIA

Appellate Court Decision on The Case of IDFI vs. MIA

3 August 2015 image

Summary of the Case IDFI vs Ministry of Finance

Summary of the Case IDFI vs Ministry of Finance.

31 July 2015 image

IDFI Held a Press Conference on Canceled Governmental Contest

On July 31 IDFI Held a Press Conference and director and expert of the organization spoke about canceled governmental contest

29 July 2015 image

Call on EU to join OGP

Access Info Europe, Open Society European Policy Institute and Publish What You Fund prepared a letter calling on Members of the European Parliament to take action so that the European Union institutions join the Open Government Partnership. The letter is open for sign-ons from civil society organisations across Europe and beyond Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) has joined the call.

27 July 2015 image

Charity Event to Help Skra IDP Settlement

On July 25 IDFI and initiative group “Imedi’s Skhivi” held a charity event In Vake Park. The event aimed to help IDP settlement in Skra.

27 July 2015 image

IDFI is recognized as a supporting organization for the Declaration on Parliamentary Openness

On July 2014 added IDFI to the list of organizations supporting parliamentary openness declaration.  

22 July 2015 image

A new Portal of Tbilisi City Hall - the Move towards Transparent and Open Government

A trial version of a new web-page of Tbilisi municipality – was launched on July 22. The concept of the portal of Tbilisi was prepared by IDFI