IDFI and GYLA conducted trainings for regional NGOs on Public Administration Reform issues

News | FIGHTING CORRUPTION | Article 30 September 2020

IDFI and GYLA, in cooperation with the Administration of the Government of Georgia, conducted online trainings for regional NGOs on Public Administration Reform (PAR) issues. The trainings was conducted within the EU-funded project “Contributing to PAR through Civic Monitoring and Engagement”.


The training participants were introduced to the issues of Public Administration Reform, PAR Action Plan and its alternative monitoring methodology, as well as to the opportunities for involvement in the implementation and monitoring process of the Public Administration Reform. For this purpose electronic monitoring platform for Public Administration Reform (PAR Tracker) was discussed during the trainings. The platform combines practical information on Public Administration Reform and ensures external user involvement in the monitoring process by sharing comments / feedback on published information as well as on the thematic directions / objectives / activities / indicators of the Public Administration Reform Action Plan.


At a later stage, IDFI and GYLA will select organizations from training participants through a competition and issue small grants for them. Information regarding the submission of small grant applications was provided to the participants within the trainings conducted. Issuing small grants to regional organizations is intended to facilitate the implementation of the PAR Roadmap and Action Plan at the regional level. The selected organizations will assess the implementation of the Public Administration Reform; identify challenges and opportunities through public discussions and meetings involving all local stakeholders. They also will be involved in the monitoring process via online platform (PAR tracker). 



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