2 August 2021 image

Civil Society Organisations: Government Uses State Security Service as Mechanism of Total Control

The story aired by Mtavari Arkhi TV covering the activities of the State Security Service has once again demonstrated that there is an appalling practice of large-scale control and human rights violations in the country.


9 July 2021 image

Statement on the Large-Scale Violence against Journalists

The cases of violation of journalists' rights in Georgia have reached a critical point. Hereby, we reiterate that the government has failed to guarantee the safety and security of media representatives as earlier attacks on journalists went largely unpunished.

7 March 2021 image

Statement of the NGOs on the audio recording broadcasted on TV Pirveli

We are reacting to the audio recording broadcast on TV Pirveli, the alleged participants of which are, the incumbent Prime Minister, the head of the Special State Protection Service, and Bera Ivanishvili.


26 February 2021 image

Tbilisi City Court Granted the Appeal of IDFI against Media Academy

Tbilisi City Court Fully Granted the Appeal of IDFI against Media Academy and ordered the respondent to provide public information.


21 February 2021 image

IDFI responds to the arrest of the protesters in front of the Parliament of Georgia

On February 19, 2021, police arrested 25 people, including members of a political party, during a protest rally in front of the Georgian Parliament. Given the small number of protesters, this figure is alarmingly high.

28 December 2020 image

Review of the Media Critic Platform

On August 2nd, 2018, the Georgian National Communication Commission (the Commission/GNCC) established NNLE Media Academy (Media Academy) and granted it the mandate of promoting media literacy in Georgia.


9 September 2020 image

The Funding and the Ratings of Georgian Public Broadcaster after Three Years of Announced Reform

IDFI requested public information about the expenses, income, ratings, amount of remuneration and number of employees of Georgia Public Broadcaster. Simultaneously, data from the open sources covering the research period was analyzed, including, public procurement expenses related to the new building of the Broadcaster, reports on budget execution, incomes presented to the Georgian National Communications Commission.

20 July 2020 image

IDFI's Training for Students, Activists and Journalists

On July 17-19, 15 trainees participated in a two-day practical training organized by the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI). Participants explored and delved into the monitoring mechanisms of government activities.

9 July 2020 image

Shortcomings in the Transparency of the Activities of the Georgian National Communications Commission

On August 2, 2018, Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) established a non-commercial legal entity “Media Academy”. The role of the organization is to promote the development of media literacy.


26 June 2020 image

Statement of the Media Advocacy Coalition

According to the information published by the State Security Service of Georgia, an investigation is launched regarding the news story broadcasted by TV Channel Mtavari. In its statement, the State Security Service accuses TV Channel of disinformation and qualifies the action as a criminal offense – Sabotage.