Free Legal Aid for Media and Journalists

News | Pressing Issues | Article | MEDIA AND FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION 11 May 2022

Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) initiates a project in order to improve accessibility of public information within the framework of which offers full legal assistance to journalists and other media representatives regarding freedom of information.


Legal assistance is completely free and includes:


- Proficient consultancy regarding any issue concerning freedom of information


- Procedures regarding requesting public information, which implies formulating requests, preparing applications and sending them, providing received information


- Procedures regarding administrative complaint, which implies appealing public institutions’ late or insufficient response, failure to provide information and/or their illegal act. IDFI is ready to get involved in administrative proceeding over a complaint and exercise representative powers in administrative body


- Applying to court and getting involved in administrative litigation by preparing and filing administrative claims and representing in court. IDFI will cover state fees if necessary.


Project’s main aim is to improve media representatives’ accessibility on public information and that is why they are main beneficiaries of the project.


You can contact our lawyers via Signal Private Messenger and WhatsApp

Signal/WhatsApp/Mobile: +995 511 24 70 92


For further information visit our website 



Project is supported by Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF)

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