Database of Freedom of Information (FOI) Officers

News 7 July 2014

Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) has compiled a database of Freedom of Information (FOI) officers in charge of ensuring access to information and proactive disclosure of information in various public agencies.

The database contains information about FOI officers in more than 430 public agencies, including their name, position, telephone number and e-mail. Also in the database are emails that can be used to request public information. The database also includes the postal addresses, web-sites and logos (if any) of public agencies.


The database is divided into two files, each available in two formats - Excel and PDF.


The first Excel file is composed of 4 categories:


1. President’s Administration, Government Administration, Parliament, their subordinate Legal Entities of Public Law (LEPLs) and independent bodies;

2. Ministries, their subordinate agencies and Legal Entities of Public Law (LEPLs);

3. State Higher Education Institutions;

4. High Council of Justice, The High School of Justice, and Courts.

(The first file is also available in PDF format)


The second Excel file is composed of 3 categories:


1. Ministries and Government Office of the Autonomous Republic (AR) of Adjara; Ministries Government Office of AR Abkhazia;

2. Administrations of Governors (State Trustee) of administrative-territorial units;

3. Local government authorities by region.

(The second file is also available in PDF format)


IDFI updates and refines the database of FOI officers on a regular basis.

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