We call on the government to take concrete steps in order to gain candidate status gain EU Candidate Status



The Media Advocacy Coalition responds to the adoption of a joint resolution on June 9, 2022, initiated by five political groups in the European Parliament (Verts / ALE, S&D, ECR, PPE, Renew Europe) on violations of media freedoms and the safety of journalists in Georgia.


While our country is waiting for the decision of the European Council, we call on the ruling party to use the remaining time effectively at an important historical moment for the Georgian people to increase Georgia's chances of gaining Candidate Status.


Over the next two weeks, the government should work with all branches, other stakeholders, and take concrete steps to improve the media environment:


- Immediately release Nika Gvaramia, General Director of the “Mtavari Channel”, from prison and use the pardon mechanism or other legal means to do so;


- Representatives of the ruling party should stop the attacks and boycott regime against the critical media;


-  Accelerate the investigation of the cases of unlawful interference with journalistic activities, including the process of fully investigating the facts of the violence of July 5, 2021 and holding the organizers accountable;


-  In accordance with the measures taken by the EU, ban the transit of Russian TV channels in Georgia;


-  Public services should properly comply with their obligations under the law to provide public information.


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