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Case Summary - IDFI vs Ministry of Internal Affairs

On the following link please find the summary of the case IDFI vs MIA. The article reviews decisions of Tbilisi City Court, Tbilisi Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Georgia. All three instances of court held MIA responsible for disclosing information on salary supplements and bonuses received by high-ranking officials.

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Opinion on the Legislative Package Drafted for Reforming the Code of Administrative Violations

Coalition for Independent and Transparent Judiciary issued the statements that includes the opinion of the coalition member organizations - on legislative package drafted for reforming the Code of Administrative Violations - consideration of which will strengthen the implementation process of the reform. 

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Recent Amendments to the Legislation Greatly Complicate Monitoring of Security Liaison Officers

On the 27th of October an amendment was made to the Georgian legislation, which highlights that public access will be restricted to the asset declarations of those high-ranking public officials the position of which has been classified as secret information according to the Law on State Secrecy.

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Access to Court Decisions the Best International Practice

Access to court decisions in Georgia has recently deteriorated. Even different branches of the judiciary cannot agree on the rules for disclosing these decisions. The following is IDFI’s attempt to examine international best practice in this regard, and develop recommendations for Georgia.

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Freedom of Information Guidebook (Second Edition)

The Guidebook is based on the practice of requests of public information of the Institute. Based on the specific examples the work describes the present situation in Georgia and gives the reader full comprehension of the existing practice of accessibility of public information.

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Accessibility of judicial decisions in the EBRD’s countries of operations

Accessibility of judicial decisions in the EBRD’s countries of operations

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Legal Analysis of the Draft Law on Civil Service (As Adopted at the Second Hearing)

Legal analysis of the Draft Law on Civil Service (as adopted at the aecond hearing)

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City Court Held MIA and Prosecutors Office Responsible for Paying Damages to Giorgi Kldiashvili

Tbilisi City Court held Ministry of Internal Affairs and Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia equally responsible for compensating moral damages amounting to 2000 Gel and monetary damages amounting to 1180 to Giorgi Kldiashvili.

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Strategic Litigation Case of IDFI vs MOF

Strategic Litigation Case of IDFI vs MOF

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Comparative Analysis of FOI Legislation in Georgia and Pakistan

A Draft of Right to Information Act recently developed by the Government of Pakistan scored 146 points in the global Right to Information Rating (RTI). We find it is highly important to compare the existing legislation of Georgia and the draft of Freedom of Information Act with the draft law prepared by the Government of Pakistan. This will contribute to further improvement of the draft of Freedom of Information Act in Georgia.