Rule of Law and Human Rights

23 January 2020 image

Presentation of the Report on Institutional and Legal Framework of the Supreme Court of Georgia

On January 23, Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) and Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) presented the report “The Supreme Court of Georgia – Analysis of Institutional and Legal Framework”.

8 November 2019 image

Assessment of the Judicial Reform - System of Disciplinary Liability of Judges

The Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) and Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center (EMC) presented findings of the report on the judicial reform system of disciplinary liability of judges. The purpose of this document is to assess the system of disciplinary liability of judges in light of the “third wave” reform of the judicial system.

21 October 2019 image

Selection of Supreme Court Judge Candidates: What people in Georgia know and think about the process

Following the constitutional amendments and changes to the organic law of Georgia on common courts, the minimum number of judges at the Supreme Court increased to 28. At the same time, 10-year appointments were changed to lifetime tenures, and the High Council of Justice was given the authority to nominate candidates for parliamentary appointment.

21 October 2019 image

Selection of Supreme Court Judge Candidates

A phone survey to find out people’s knowledge and attitude about the Supreme Court judge selection process was conducted. The survey resulted in 867 completed interviews, and is representative of the adult Georgian-speaking population of the country. The average margin of error of the survey is 2.2%.

27 September 2019 image

IDFI and the State Inspector Service Held a Public Discussion about the Draft Law on Personal Data Protection

IDFI and the State Inspector Service held a public discussion about the Draft Law on Personal Data Protection. The event brought together representatives of the State Inspector Service, the Parliament of Georgia, civil society and media organizations to exchange positions and concerns about draft law.

3 September 2019 image

IDFI Submitted its Opinion to the Parliament Regarding the Draft Law on “Personal Data Protection”

IDFI submitted its opinion to the Parliament regarding the draft law on “Personal Data Protection” initiated on 22 May 2019. The opinion of IDFI covers the following important issues: grounds for processing personal data; grounds for processing special categories of personal data; termination of processing of personal data, erasure and destruction of data;  restriction of processing of data.

9 August 2019 image

Regulating Inadmissible Content – What does the Constitutional Court decision of 2 August 2019 Change

Freedom of expression is a mandatory precondition for the establishment of a democratic State.  Self-actualization of individuals and the development of society becomes impossible without the freedom of expression. Given the role and importance of the freedom of expression in the rule of law, there is a need of creating a legislative framework that allows free exchange of opinions and information.

6 August 2019 image

Cruel and Ill Treatment of Animals in Georgia

IDFI studied the legislation on animal protection in Georgia and the state of its implementation. For this purpose, IDFI requested public information from relevant state institutions. In addition, IDFI researched international regulations on the subject and got acquainted with the practice of the countries which excel in regards to high animal welfare standards. 

5 August 2019 image

Conflict of Interest in the Nomination Process of Candidates of Supreme Court Justices

Interviews are being undertaken at High Council of Justice for the sake of nomination of candidates of Supreme Court Justices. Zurab Aznaurashvili and Levan Tevzadze are shortlisted candidates. According to a member of High Council of Justice - Nazi Janezashvili, aforementioned shortlisted candidates have close relation with the members of the High Council of Justice - Tamar Oniani and Irakli Shengelia.

1 July 2019 image

Tbilisi City Court Fully Granted the Appeal of IDFI against the National Archives of Georgia

In the decision of April 4, 2019, the Tbilisi City Court fully granted the appeal of the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) against the National Archives of Georgia – LEPL of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. The court ordered the respondent party to disclose information on the number of applications received with the request of accessing archival documents and relevant decisions taken. The National Archives of Georgia was directed to disclose the information even though they did not process the statistical data requested by IDFI.