Rule of Law and Human Rights

26 June 2015 image

Statistical Information on Drug Crimes in Georgia

Statistical information casts doubts on the effectivness of current drug policy in Georgia

26 June 2015 image

IDFI in the Report of U.S. Department of State

U.S Department of State published a Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2014 on June 26. Report is based on the data provided by USA embassies and international missions and gives a multilateral image for 200 countries. Georgia is one of them.

25 June 2015 image

Legal Analysis of the Draft Law on Civil Service

IDFI welcomes the amendments introduced by the draft law of Georgia on Civil Service. The draft law includes important positive changes to the system of civil service in Georgia. Nevertheless we find that additional steps should be taken in order to improve the draft law on Civil Service and guarantee that it is harmonized with best international practice. You can find our recommendations in the full text of the legal analysis.

24 June 2015 image

Georgian citizens arrested and deported abroad in 2010-2015 years

According to the information provided by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia 3 715 Georgian citizens were arrested due to the offences committed abroad in 2010-2014. In 2013, as compared to 2010 the number of arrested people is tripled and amounts to 1 178 of Georgian citizens.

11 June 2015 image

Cases of Violating the Rights of IDFI in the Report of the Public Defender of Georgia

On May 29th, 2015 the Report of the Public Defender of Georgia on the Situation of Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms in Georgia was published. The report covers the cases of human rights breaches, inter alia the case of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development violating the rights of IDFI as well as the case of illegal detainment of Giorgi Kldiashvili – the Director of IDFI.

4 June 2015 image

Statistical Information on the Number of Persons Fined by the Patrol Police

In 2014 year patrol police fined 1 316 006 persons. This rate is much higher than it was in 2013.

23 March 2015 image

How Acute is the Need of Addressing Miscarriages of Justice in Georgia

The information received from the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia highlights that during the period of October 2012 to January 2015, 52 530 appeals/notices linked with the misconducts of public officials have been received by the Prosecutor’s Office.

30 January 2015 image

Tbilisi Court of Appeals Decision on the Case of Giorgi Kldiashvili

On January 22nd, 2015 the Prosecutor’s Office filed an appeal against the decision of Tbilisi City Court. On 23rd of January, 2015 Tbilisi Appeals Court rendered a decision on the appeal. The judge did not take into consideration arguments of the Prosecution and did not amend the decision of the first instance court on the suspension of criminal prosecution. 

23 January 2015 image

Court Accepted the Appeal of IDFI Against MIA

On December 24th 2014 Tbilisi City Court accepted the appeal of IDFI against the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As a result the Ministry was found responsible to provide the institute with complete information on salary supplements and bonuses received by the Minister, Deputy Minister and Department Chairmen during the year of 2013. The information is to be provided separately for each month indicating names and surnames of the officials.

16 January 2015 image

Criminal Prosecution against Giorgi Kldiashvili has been terminated

Criminal prosecution against Giorgi Kldiashvili was terminated. The 1500 GEL bail will be returned to Giorgi Kldiashvili. The prosecution has 5 days to file an appeal against the decision of the court terminating criminal prosecution against Giorgi Kldiashvili.