Organizational Development Grant - IDFI

Projects | Completed Projects 29 December 2015


Name of Grant Activity: Organizational Development Grant - IDFI
Donor Organization: Open Society Institute Budapest Foundation (OSI)
Grant Recipient: Institute for Development of Freedom of Information
Total Grant Amount: 113,850 USD
Project Number: OR2015-22682
Period of Performance: September 1, 2015 – August 31, 2017


Project Description

Over the years since its foundation, IDFI has gradually developed into a credible organization combining watchdog activities with in-depth research, and further advocacy in the field of open government in Georgia. Despite considerable success, however, IDFI is like many other CSOs as the vast majority of received funding is aimed at specific analytical output, leaving scarcely any resources for institutional development.

A grant from Think Tank Fund is crucial for further organizational and financial sustainability, which has become even more evident with the growing impact of IDFI. As there is no clear division of responsibilities, the Institute needs support to reorganize its internal structure, one of the goals of which will be to delegate part of responsibilities. In terms of quality of research, IDFI needs long-term thematic priorities for research products, standardization of various research outputs it produces, improvement of internal quality control mechanism, and establishment of external one. Besides, the limited resources hindered IDFI from comprehensive editing of its products. Development and applying of various research methods is another challenge for think tank direction of IDFI. Furthermore, IDFI needs more resources and knowledge for better communicating its findings with various target groups, such as more comprehensive communication strategy, assistance from web-developer and designer etc.

Goal of the project

The goal of the project is to assist the overall development of IDFI as a think tank in three specific areas: quality of research products, communications and advocacy, and internal development and governance.


  • Quality of Policy Research and Methodology
    • Creating thematic priorities, formats and methods for research
    • Implementing internal and external review systems
    • Contracting for editing and translation services
    • Organizing distribution of research outputs
    • Conducting trainings for IDFI team on research methods and research formats
    • Subscribing to online libraries
  • Communications and Outreach
    • Elaborating long-term and short-term theories of change
    • Elaborating communications strategy
    • Preparing and presenting comprehensive analysis of policy impact of IDFI
    • Sending a representative of IDFI to study visit in a foreign leading think tank organization
    • Conducting training in communications for the staff of IDFI
    • Hiring web-designer/developer
    • Conducting media monitoring to evaluate policy impact of IDFI
  • Internal Development and Governance
    • Creating new governing structure comprised of a board of advisors, the board and executive director
    • Creating thematic institutional directions reflecting hybrid character of the Institute
    • Creating a position of Assistant to Executive Director
    • Inviting Internal development expert for regular consultation and assistance
    • Inviting fundraiser expert for regular consultation and assistance
    • Creating a full-time position for PR and communications manager
    • Organizing annual team-building meetings for the staff



Activities Carried Out Withing the Project